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Grrrrr....I thought it was getting better!

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I'm only a little over a month in and got my IB about 2 weeks in. After that, it was smooth sailing and my face cleared up drastically. I had no new pimples for 2 weeks and 3 small ones on my face and one big one. When I went to get the big one injected 2 weeks ago, my derm said that the accutane was working very quickly and its only going to get better. Then, only a few days ago my face broke out terribly. Got about 10 new pimples. Just regular ones, thank god no cysts. They are really red and make me look way worse than I've ever had. I'm going to the derm today for my monthly checkup. Before accutane, I had moderate acne, not severe. And it only affected my chin and right side of my face.

Anyone experience a 2nd breakout when you started clearing up?

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Yup, I cleared up about two weeks ago-my skin was almost perfect. Then BAM, huge breakout and it still hasn't cleared up properly. I'm hoping this is the IB- it coincided with an icrease in dosage. I'm now taking 75mg (I weigh 75kg so I wont be increasing the dosage again). Once this breakout clears, I hope that will be the end of breakouts. Although that is being extremely optimistic. I get the feeling that I will continue to break out during the whole course :boohoo:

Just to add, my derm says that it is good that I am breaking out, she wants the tane to push everything out so that I will be permanently clear post tane. I am exactly two months in today.

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So I went to the derm today and he looked at my face and said its better than it looks because there were no pimples (except one stubborn cyst that's been on my face since the stoneage) big enough for him to inject and that's a good sign because everything is drying up. It's just that everything looks bad because there's red and brown marks galore all over my face.

Its times like these when I wish I weren't Italian and had dark skin because the marks are brown and ugly.

The good thing is since I barely have any bumps, the marks are easily coverable with concealer and I look almost flawless with makeup.

Thank god I have no scarring either.

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