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Accutane and dental work

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I'm having a root canal tomorrow. This is only my 2nd week on accutane. Has anyone else had dental work done while on accutane?? My derm said it would probably be ok, but to let the dentist know I was taking it. I hate dental work!

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Hey, I had my wisdom teeth out while I was on accutane and I was fine. I was actually really fine. After I have the surgery I went home with my mom and it was an hour drive, I was awake the entire time and the rest of the day. My mom couldn't beleive it. So yea, you can get a root canal. Good luck

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Accutane even makes your mouth sensitive? I don't see why, or how..

I don't think the concern lays with your mouth being more sensitive, it's more to do with increased risk of infection and delayed healing.

Should be fine though and it isn't like it matters if your mouth has a few little scars, not that the mouth scars the same way as your skin anyway...

The only concern is with a slightly increased risk of infection, but chances are things will be 100% fine and if you need the op then theres no reason not to get it done.

(my dad is a dentist btw) i asked him about it when i was on tane about 18 months ago and this is what he told me. I never did need it in the end though.

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