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So I'm hiding from work...

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Well a few days ago I had a little fever. I was still feeling a bit exhausted and dizzy yesterday. Today I feel fine. Now I think the real reason I'm hiding is because of my acne :unsure:. It flared up like crazy right when I got sick. Three acne appeared out of the blue and turned into red hard mean inflamed papules. One is smack on my cheek too, that one's a pustule. I squeezed the little white bugger out, actually I didn't really squeeze. I just used my tongue and pushed against the walls of my mouth and it came out. I used water to wash it and I caused some spreading =(. So while I'm at it, how do I clean a spot after you pop the white stuff out. Water drips and spreads everywhere =(. So back to my rant, I'm calling in sick because of my acne / I'm afraid my fever will act up again.

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I understand what you're going through. I called in to work today too. Over the past couple of days I've had a really bad break out that's made me sad and moody. I couldn't face people at work today so I called in.

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Actually, I called in sick for the whole week. I figured might as well start the July 4th weekend early. I must say it's been awfully boring. I complain when I have to work, I complain when I have a day off from work. I don't know what I want exactly. Time just seems to pass by so slowly. I took a few naps here and there, watched some tv, did some reading, made dinner, etc.

On the bright side my chin acne seems to be dispersing, hopefully the one on my cheek disappears as well and the one forming under it due to infection disappears as well. I've been putting a lot of BP on it.

So I find myself a hypocrite. I use to respond to threads and tell people I stopped caring about what people thought of my acne, but clearly that is not the case. Here I am avoiding people because of my acne. I tell myself it is because of the one on my cheek. I tell myself I need time to rest and heal from my slight fever. I feel fine today, aside from a little exhaustion and dizziness at times.

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