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Hi all!

I have very sensitive skin that react to all the over the counter products

If i use a product that my skin doesn't like it gets red itchy and dry all over

I suffer with mild to moderate acne around my mouth, on nose and forehead.

I am currently red and dry and irritated skin cos of the B/P i used.

I blush easily but only flare up if i use a product that disagrees with my skin

How can you know if this is rosacea or an allergic reaction?

Or is having an allergic reaction giving me rosacea? :think::confused:

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check the BP that you're using if it is 5 or 10% you may find it too strong and dry you out too much try a 2.5% BP and moisturise

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it sounds like it may just be an allergic reaction, or your using something your skin considers harsh as you make it sound like you have this problem alot and have real sensitive skin (you already suggested this im just validating it)

sadly there isnt much you can do for this problem but use real gental products rather than acne specific produts as there always harsh. to get rid of this redness as its only temp

bp at any strengh will cause someone with your skin type to flare up....... you could try something that helps reduce redness caused by products like bp, there are a few out there with mixed results Avene are quite good for helping redness its quite easy to get in the uk as the avene springs is in frace

or you could simply put up with the redness untill your acne is at an agreeable level for you. (keep in mind the longer you use something thats as harsh as it is on your skin the bigger the chance of pernament damage so you wont want to use something like bp for more than 3 or so months)

you say that even most over the conter products cause you to go red by this do you simply mean like oxy on the sport or do you mean the clensers and that, if you do mean cleansers and that i suggest you use bp for under 2 months as you must have like very very very very sensitive skin

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