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Today was my second day taking Zinc and I can honestly say it has reduced my oil production. I can't really say how it has affected my acne yet because I have mild acne, but I haven't gotten any new bumps these last two days.

How do I know it reduced my oil? The only medicine I use now is Plexion, and usually when I wake up in the morning my nose has a lot of oil on it. These past 2 days, however, I have woken up with very little to no oil on my nose. In addition, throughout the day, only my nose and forehead get oily, with my cheeks, chin, and jaw completely dry the whole day. Even though my nose and forehead get oily, it's just in that natural "guy" way and looks completely normal, and may even be due to sweat.

So, try Zinc if you have oily skin issues. I take one 50 mg Zinc tablet a day after lunch (make sure you eat a lot) and drink a full glass of water with it. The zinc is in the form of zinc gluconate and is chelated. I bought 100 tablets at GNC for $3.99.

I'll keep posting any further progress and changes to my oiliness. I can see this being part of my lifetime regimen if it really is working.

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I've been taking 50mg of zinc tablet for months and I think it reduced my acne in some way I don't know, but I don't know about the oily skin issue. It's humid summer and my skin is oilier than ever! :doh: Anyway, congrats on your improvement!

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2 days is really too early to tell imho. I have been on zinc for few months now and still on the oily side. However, this changes dependent on weather conditions.

I'm now also adding Vit A to help.

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