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Anybody have them or thinking about getting veneers?

I was curious about how much they cost and how real they look.

My front two teeth are stained and I was considering getting them covered with veneers.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Have you tried professional whitening first? That can remove many stains with whitening and a good cleaning.

Veneers are bonded to the teeth with glue and can end up harming your natural tooth enamel in the long run. They often "shape" the teeth to fit the veneer, meaning they remove tooth. Removing healthy tooth enamel is generally not a good idea. They are not permanent either. You can expect to replace them in 10-20 years. Yes, a long time, but if they come off & you cannot afford new ones, your teeth will probably look worse underneath than what you started with.

Most people who get them have very odd shaped teeth on top of being very stained or chipped or other more distracting flaws. I'd start with tooth whitening & see how you like the results, but definitely have a free consultation with several dentists before making your decision on anything. It is pricey...

I was quoted around $1000 a tooth for lumineer veneers. There are different kinds also. The lumineers allow light through or something to look more natural.

I went with braces instead, to correct the alignment & spacing of all my teeth and then will have whitening afterwards.

What is good about veneers is that they are a quick fix. They can look very natural and nice too if you get good ones. I've known people who got them and they weren't fake looking at all.

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