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Maintaining acne at friends place.

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I went with my best friend to her uncles funeral and we stayed at her grandmas house. its so hot and theres a river out back so i went wading out there in my shorts and t-shirt. Afterwards i felt so gross i wanted a shower but found out we would be going to a campsite to visit somebody and her mom said id just get smokey from the fire and i should do it later. we got back really late and even though my skin was dying literally obsessing for a shower but I didn't wanna wake anybody up.

that night since my large T was wet so i wore a tank top planning on putting a shirt over it in the early mourning so my body acne wouldn't show. We slept on lawn chair cushions. one side of the cushions is fabric the other side is kinda plasticy with a floral design which is the side that people usually sit on. anyway my friend adjusted my cushion for me and we were all sleeping on the cloth side. and i woke up early to go to the bathroom and to my horror I saw some blood spots where my shoulder was laying. Then i quickly put on my other t-shirt and got a wet wipe hoping to clean it up. I didn't get any luck though.

I got so angry at my skin. it use to happen often but now its every once in a while I'll wake up with blood on the back of my t-shirt. I try so hard to not be lazy and wash my back and chest twice a day and wait to put on glycolic and bp shit. I was so frustrated its so embarrassing...I kept hoping it was there before i slept on it but im pretty sure that I did it. I didn't tell them though, we put the cushions back and i mentioned to my friend about the spots on the cushion but she didn't think much of it.

then when we were eating. her cousin,her mom and her were kinda teasing me about how long I take in the bathroom (its ok though cuz they're like my family but still)...its not my fault >:[


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Yeah...I know what you mean about taking a long time in the bathroom and having hygiene issues when you're out of your normal place of residence. Camping's gross, I dislike it. I also take a long while in the bathroom as well as the shower--my folks think I'm girly for that but I don't want to explain why it takes a while.

Long time ago I got blood on a pillow, ended up having to replace it. It seeped through the pillowcase and stained the actual pillow.

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