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I found the cause of my acne

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hey people I'm posting back again, I keep reading the forum but not as much as before bcause of my busy schedule

ok so I found that milk is the major contributor to my acne, I realized when I stopped drinking milk, my back was totally clear for weeks, I still had acne on my face but when I drank milk I had big red ones

a month ago I slept at 10 pm, wake up at 6 am, didnt drink milk at all or cheese, and supplement with zinc and vitamin C. my face and back were at their best

I could eat anything but milk. Bread, chips, baked potatoes, coca cola, etc... and no break outs on my face and back

a few weeks ago I decided to work out at the gym, I bought a weight gainer, mixed with water and then I started breaking out again, so I stopped using it, switched to whey protein and still breaking out!

I just need advice, since I'm planning to build some muscle (not crazy) I need to increase my protein intake. eating meat 3 times day is not very practical for me plus is expensive. that's why I got the whey protein, is the easiest to digest and most effective in post workout drink, but since is giving me breakouts then I have to stop using it. I have to say that using whey protein has given me good result s so far, but any other kind of protein will give me the same results? like egg protein? I guess I have to try

any suggestion?

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What is egg protein exactly? It keeps coming up..

protein powder like whey or something, but made from eggs(usually just the whites). I personally think it would be better to eat a few hard-boiled eggs than take some powdered protein stuff, but thats just me. I feel like anything that has been turned to powder like that has been so overprocessed and denatured that it is basically useless. again, thats just my opinion though, many people swear by protein powders for bodybuilding.

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Just eat boiled or poached eggs. Those protein powders are more than you are capable of digesting at a time anyway, so you end up pissing most of it out, which could end up damaging your kidney. I believe a lot of the results people get from it are simply due to placebo, believing they are getting stronger and therefore working out harder.

Plus they are a COMPLETE rip-off.

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