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I was completely clear, until about a week ago I got hit with this breakout thats getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Im letting acne take over my life and thats not good. Im starting to stay inside and miss out of what my friends are doing telling them I have work or im sick because of this. I can't take this. I think people are stairing at me and talking about me 24/7. I have my very first dermatologist appointment wensday im really hoping he can give me a needle or something to reduce the redness and pain alittle. My goal is to get clear again in 11 days but on the route im on now it doesn't look good...

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Getting clear in 11 days is not a realistic goal unless you've got very, very, very mild acne. Try not to set impossible goals, because when you aren't able to reach them, you'll just find yourself feeling even more horrible for "failing" (even though, in this case, almost no one could suceed). Some of the best advice I've ever been given is to try and remember that while I may have acne for the rest of my life, I only have to deal with it day by day. I can't deal with tommorow's acne, or the acne I had a year ago - just today and the skin I have today.

It doesn't always make the pain go away, but it does help me feel better about myself. And in the end, THAT'S what counts the most. Keep sharing, we're listening.

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Good luck. If you want to get clear fast(there is no FAST way) but a good thing is too not only take your meds, but change your diet. People have success with prescriptions, others with diet. Try both!

I think it just makes sense.

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