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What Can I Do?

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I have...some indented acne scars...not exactly sure what type they are, but they're indented alright. Got them maybe a year ago when I was dumb and wasn't thinking...

Cheeks, nose, bit on forehead...

Just makes me feel like crap...can't look people in the eyes, makes me feel ashamed of myself, etc...

What can I do to fill up those holes?

I'm only 15, and my family isn't really that rich, so all those surgeries and other serious treatments are out of the picture...

I was hoping that something topical could help my problem, but after lots of reading here and there, it seems like that's not the case, is it?

Any creams, oils, etc... that would help at all? I'm really desperate...life is hard like this...half the time I hate hanging out with friends...

All help is appreciated...thanks again.

P.S. Do supplements or anything consumed help at all?

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You are so young, reminds me when I had your age, same fears and toughts.

Don't let this keep you from having fun and friends!

do you have any pics?

your scars have hyperpigmentation?

Treat this now. Retin-a and peels(peels are cheap!) will help.

the role of food and suplements is controversial. Some here say that vitamin E, C e Zinc etc help with acne/scar.. but i'm not sure.

Besides that I cant tell what you should do, without any pic.

best wishes!

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Yeah try putting up a pic somewhere. As for topicals--some say retin-A is beneficial

Supplements--try reading a bit about vitamin C and zinc

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Sorry it took so long for me to reply...kind of a busy week and sort of forgot about my thread...

I'll try to get some pics up pretty soon...hard to get my camera to focus on them well.

Ummm...I don't really know if my scars are hyperpigmented...from my understanding of hyperpigmentation (compliments of Wikipedia :D), they don't seem to be hyperpigmented. However, I'm pretty dark for a Chinese, so it says I should be more prone to hyperpigmentation. I live in a city where it rains for about half the year...so I guess I'm not exposed to TOO much sun...

My scars really probably aren't as bad as most people think they are, but most of my friends are acne-free and I'm a bit of a perfectionist and self-conscious...

Don't know exactly what type they are, but the indents are mainly on the cheeks and nose...

Not really unhappy about my acne - they come and go - but I really want my indented scars to go away -.-

I thought peels were only for scars that changed colors, not indented scars?

And does Retin-A really help with indented scars?

Anyways, sorry that I took so long to reply, and I'll try to get pics up soon.

Thanks again for all the help.

EDIT: I also have either blackheads, enlarged pores, scars, or whatever the heck they are on my nose as well...I'll get a pic up of that too.

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You'll find mixed reports of what Retin-A can do for you in terms of scarring but a very large majority of Retin-A users have had their scarring reduced from continuous use of it. Retin-A is extremely effective at wiping blackheads as well.

So given your money limits, I would go to a derm and get a prescription for Retin-A (I personally use tazorac and found good results with it). Your complexion will improve, breakouts will become minimal (I don't get a single pimple anymore) and scarring will improve. Just note, you have to be patient with it and be consistent for 2+ months.

I'm also Asian. Be more focused about prevention rather than fixing your scars since you're still young and hyperpigment-prone ... your scars heal a lot faster when you're not bombarded with new problems on top of them.

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