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I feel so hateful about the way i look.... why me???????????????????????????

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Acne has ruined my life.. i look so bad. I know i can never get a good lookin and nice guy for myself as all of them will hate me , make fun of me and consider me unworthy of themselves . I wanted to be beautiful but this curse thrust upon me has ruined me more from the inside than outside. i invite unworthy glances i cannot take... some gals lok at me in a way that thankfully they are not like me.. both of my best friends have had boyfriends and i know i will never have one.... my self-esteem has gone into negative.. the sales girls at malls give me those looks.... i cant put on make-up like everybody else..i think i am just a waste to be living..a part of god's cruel plan to fix all my bad karma.

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don't think like that. i'm not going to lie, acne is BS but you have a life. don't throw it all away because of a stupid skin condition. acne's temporary and can be remedied.

and you don't need a boyfriend. fuck relationships.

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Come on now, you've got to look up and think positive.Have you considered accutane? And having a partner is only one small part of life as i've heard so many people on here say before, I also read that you have to love yourself before you love others. We've all been there and its not easy but you have to get motivated. Have confidence in yourself and stop caring about what other people think.

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