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Minocin as an acne drug

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Hi, everybody i was just reading some of the peoples experiences with Minocin as an acne treatment. I have just received the pills from a doctor, and i am not sure whether to take it or not. I have read a lot of negative and positive things about this pill. Supposebly it generally works very well but side effects are quite common, and prolonged use of the drug can lead to some strange effects.

My problem comes from the fact that i am not generally a very healthy person. I regularly smoke and do not have a consistent eating pattern. I would say that i am definetly underweight (not terribly) but still. I don't do any drugs and do not eat to much junk food, so i am overexagerating when i say that i am unhealthy. However with these kind of antibiotics it's incredibly important to have good health and be prepared so they don't affect you too much.

Ok i blabbered enough so far. My main concern is that fact that i smoke. I would quit before taking this drug but it will take me time, and i should start taking in a few days at most, because the effects of acne have caused great problems in my life. I have moderete acne but it is highly inflammatory. The worst part about my problem is that i have extremely sensitive skin, so the inflammation causes terrible effects on it. My face gets very discoloured and i often have red spots that almost look like rashes.

In other words i would like to fix my acne problem as quickly as possible as it has affected my ife greatly (my self confidence is at an all time low!) The question i want to ask you guys is do you think my smoking will make the use of Minocin a big problem? I am trying to cut down but it's impossible for me to quit in a few days after several years of smoking.

BTW- my doctor prescribed me on 100 mg (one pill) a day, and some Stievamycin gel at night.

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hey, no one is perfect. i smoked for 12 years and quit 2 years ago. as far as the mino goes, im on it now and it cleared me up within a few weeks. i dont exercise or eat the best either. one thing though, is that even if you respond well, the effects are not permanent for most. eventual resistance sets in and then its either time for a new antibiotic or accutane. good luck with the mino.


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