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HELP: Shaving causing acne

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Hey Guys

So I shave everyday to keep myself clean shaved. I use one of those electrical razors, not the manual kind.

Anyways, recently I've been having trouble as I keep getting acne on my upper lip (moustache area) and I think it's because of my shaving.

Are there any tips to prevent this??

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well the multivitiam, does it have idoine in it? thats known to casue breakouts. plus that electric shaver is irratating your skin. use a 2 blade manual shaver

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when i was a marine i had to shave everyday and this caused acne for me until I figured out what worked for me. I started out using a straight razor but it irritated me, plus its hard to shave around an active. So I switched to an electric. this irritated me until i figured out you always shave at night, I dont know why I read it somewhere, but shave at night right before you get in the shower. shave with the grain and use the trimmer thing first. once your done jump staright in the shower and use your regimen face wash. also clean your razor frequently. this stopped me from breaking out from shaving...

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Thanks everyone!

is there any big differences between an eletric razor and dual blade razor (which dan seems to recommend?)

I use an electric razor because I don't grow that much hair as in moustache and beard. I thought blade were more for ppl who really grew out bears/moustaches...

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