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Every pore has a blackhead in it. HELP!!!

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Been using Isotrex (Isotretinoin USP 0.05%) for the last 3 months and it hasn't done barely anything. My problem is blackheads mainly on my nose but also on my cheeks and forehead, had them since I was about 20-21 (25 now). Every single pore on my nose has a blackhead in it and it looks disgusting. I have just started using Paula's choice BHA gel 2% but what i'm wandering is shall I just stop using the isotrex as it hasn't done anything or should I use it with the BHA gel? I haven't really got much of a regimen either to be honest, I used to wash my face twice a day with Neutrogena Blackhead clearing scrub but have cut this down to just once at night and just use water in the morning. I am trying to minimise the amount of products I use as much as possible.

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Personally I'd probably keep on with the Isotrex; your skin should be well adjusted to it by now, and retinoids and BHAs work really well together .... the BHA exfoliates the pore and loosens up the comedones, and the retinoids force the stuff out.

I would ditch that Neutrogena product, though. Their cleansers are total crap for acne-prone skin.

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Thanks for the reply LionQueen, to be honest I wish I would have ditched it a long time ago myself but sort of didn't know what else to get. Anyway, what cleanser would you recommend? I have looked at the one's on Paula Begoun's site and this was recommended for blackhead prone skin: http://www.paulaschoice-eu.com/shop/product.asp?pid=214, but looking at the ingredients I see there is Sodium Laureth Sulfate which if i'm correct is a known Comedogenic? I was also reading a magazine article and read about this product which is apparently is natural and doesn't have any additives in it: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....5&slmRefer=

What are your thoughts on these products? Thanks again

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