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Hi Everyone.. ive been lurking on this site for years, but figured i finally needed to post.

My acne started at 12 along with an autoimmune disease vitiligo (white patches of skin)

When I was 15, i took accutane, and took 2 more courses after that.

The acne would stop after accutane for about a year if that, then resume course, and it would progressively get worse.

I just turned 27 in June, and was still getting cystic acne.

I tried different methods, but im not sure if i'm missing anything.

Somewhat embarassing, but I took the suggestion of 'Therealcure' and stopped the masturbation/oversexual problem. Ironically enough, my cystic acne stopped completely, but im still getting whiteheads.

My face still gets oily, but it is dryer than before.

I added to my regimen zinc 100mg, vitamin b12/folic acid, and L-tyrosine for thyroid. This seems to help the acne even more, but im still left with the 10% of the acne breaking out with whiteheads every morning.

I try to eat healthy, but when i went to the health food store, everything with the term "organic" has a pricetag x5 higher of what regular food is.

And obviously, the no masturbation/sex cant last forever :P

Has anyone been in this situation, or knows other things I can do to add to what im doing now to help. It seems impossible to keep away from yeast, gluten, etc, without costing a small mint

Thanks in advance.

Edit to add: the naturopath is suggesting fish oil and a liver detox product, but i havent purchased it yet. Im trying to keep the costs down, but maybe its a good idea?

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I'd add the fish or cod liver oil, especially if you don't eat a lot of fish. And I'd take a b-complex rather than the B-12. You can get B-complex, Zinc and C in one pill. It's usually called a 'stress formula' or something like that.

And try using salicylic acid.

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