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a quick thankyou to acne.org

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Just dropping in here (I haven't posted in a while) to say thanks, and for those with acne, keep at it. One thing I noticed when I was posting here was that no one came back and said "okay, I'm good now" so I was pretty worried how my acne would go in the long term.

Well, I had moderate cystic acne (have had it for a long time, but it was horrible at the start of this year)... but thanks to this site I have been relatively clear for the last few months. I currently have 0 active pimples. I followed the acne.org regimen fairly strictly and have managed to reduce regularity of applications and still stay clear.

I think getting clear involves a combination of the regimen, diet, and lifestyle, and I'll just quickly run through what I did in case it helps anyone.


- Cleanse with gentle cleanser

- BP 2.5 Gel all over face (panoxyl acnegel 2.5)

- Moisturize (neutrogena multi-vitamin, discontinued sadly)

- Do above twice daily


- Lots of fish

- Lots of beta carotene (pumpkin, carrot)

- Minimize junk food, minimize dairy (don't cut out, just reduce)

- Omega3 oil 1000-2000mg daily

- Zinc 50mg daily

- Vitamin C 1000-2000mg daily


- Sleep well (at least 9 hours)

- Minimise sun exposure

- Don't stress!

- Don't touch your face!

Now as time passed, I've reduced the regimen application to once daily (entirely) and I think it's good because it reduces the amount of irritation greatly as well. Obviously you may not get to this stage, but I found that with the aforementioned diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to use less BP (+ less often) and still stay clear.

So yeah that's my story, the acne.org regimen rocks... it's definitely not all it took, but combined with the diet/lifestyle changes, I'm incredibly happy with the results. Highly recommended!

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THANKS for the update. I've been on the DKR for about 1.5 months now and am still waiting for some results, so it's good to hear that patience may pay off in the end. I was thinking about adding cod liver oil into my regimen soon as well. Out of curiosity, when did you make the lifestyle changes in relation to being on the regimen?

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I made the lifestyle changes fairly soon after starting the regimen. I mean honestly, it's difficult to do that stuff religiously and still live a normal life - so my advice is just try to do it MOST of the time. At the start it might seem like you're working hard but eventually you realise you just have to work smart.

Try to stay out of direct sunlight where possible, try to get as much sleep as you can, try not to stay out late (drinking etc) too often... and same with junk food. If you make a couple of those mistakes once every two weeks or once every week, it's not that big a deal. If I've been good for a week, I let myself slip up on the weekend. That's life! Oh and one thing I didn't mention was drink heaps of water (figured most people knew that one).

And the last thing is, make sure you're following the DKR instructions to the dot. Waiting after cleansing to dry; using enough BP, spending time rubbing it in gently and allowing it to absorb; waiting after BP application before moisturising... all those little things make a huge difference.

As for the fish oil, don't wait around... get a good brand with high EPA/DHA content and don't be afraid to take ~2000mg daily. I eat plenty of fish, take the fish oil tabs, and also throw in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily (same thing in all of them - omega3). It reduces inflammation - pretty critical issue with acne. I had a big problem with cysts so I guess this was important for me. Apart from that, the vitamin-C and zinc help the body repair skin, which is handy with BP, as BP does damage skin...

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