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Accutane vs. Claravis

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I just started Claravis a few days ago, and was majorly upset at the pharmacy when they told me Claravis was the only thing they had, no Accutane. I thought they would be significantly different, but with some research i found they were not. I was reading through the boards and found someone today that claims Claravis has a terrible longevity rating when compared to Roche's Accutane.

Should i bother switching?

Any pro's/con's to either one?

I've also heard fantastic things about Claravis, any stories to encourage me?


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I'm not a doctor, but I was a pharmacy technician for a little while... and I'm also on Claravis right now (currently in fourth month), and from my knowledge, generic drugs have the exact same active ingredient (in this case isotretinoin) hence, there is no difference between Claravis other than the name of the brand. It's like Coke vs. Pepsi, you still get the sweet soda taste, but different brand names. Also, I'm glad to say that my severe acne (and I mean severe... as in, I have yet to see someone on this board with worse acne than I have) has gone down drastically during this fourth month, and that Claravis is definitely working. However, I'm not sure about the longevity you spoke of because this is my first time using it. I honestly believe it should be the same, though. Just doesn't make sense for it to be different.

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agreed, claravis and accutane should be the exact same, minus the name and price.

if you're afraid of the longevity (i'm assuming that means how long until the drug starts to break down), you can always stick it in the fridge instead of at room temperature, but i'd be very surprised if there was a difference

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