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what do you suggest doing?

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Ok, heres my situation:

I started Tazorac cream .01 or .1% whatever with minocycline back in like feb. This started clearing me up, but by like 4 months or so, the clearing up stopped, and zits were coming back. Then when i visit my dermatologist he decides that all i need to do is change to tazorac GEL, same strength.

So i figured this was bullshit, he didnt really care, but anyway i decided to use Apple Cider Vinegar for a few weeks and see how that worked, without any other prescriptions or shit. This seemed like it was doing something but eventually didnt do anything, so i went back to the tazorac gel and etc. like 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Right now, I am really confused what to do. I honestly am back to pretty much square one, because my acne has gotten worse back to what it was like in december (Pretty bad). Although not horrible looking, my pores are ridiculously clogged and i have big zits sometimes. Overall, my face feels and looks like shit. Now:

What do you think i should do? I think i my acne built a resistance to minocycline, because i read that this is possible. I am assuming that the antibiotic isnt doing squat. I don't really know where to go right now, because for all i know this oculd just be a stage and 2 weeks from now i will be clearing up like crazy, but I really doubt it. I feel like its just getting worse each week.

Sorry for the long ass post, but this is so frustrating. Maybe my acne is hormonal / inside and i need to control what i eat? I really dont want to give up milk though :( haha

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does anybody have any ideas.... btw my acne seems to be on my forehead and upper face mostly if that helps?? I don't have long hair or anything either.

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