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Accutane and hair dye?

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Hey guys. I'm on accutane. This is my 20th day. I was just wondering if it's ok to dye my hair or not. I haven't been experiencing any hair falling out. (Not more than usual anyway.) My hair is drier though, I only wash it every other day. My hair is very fine and I would have to wash it maybe twice a day. because it would get so nasty. I don't really need to color my hair, I just have ugly looking roots that are now almost 3 inches down my head. I'm on a low dose of accutane, 20 mg/day. Will coloring my hair be a bad idea? Will it make my hair fall out?

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I died my hair and it was fine.. I think you will be ok, if you are worried about it just use a semi permanant die ( temporary ) they last a month or two as long as you are using color shampoo or conditioner. They will fade out as you shampoo so if you wash your hair alot they will fade faster.. I recomended this type because it is less damaging for your hair I use this type of color. I do it every two months.. If you are going lighter they will not work you can only use them to go the same level or darker. Color will not lift Color so if you are planning to go lighter you are gonna have to use bleach, unless its a touch up on the outgrowth then you would be able to lift with color because it is virgin hair... Id say dont worry you should be fine... Sorry for the lessen in Color Theory. LOL I do hair and Color is my thing.

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