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Being Active > Bacne?

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A short while ago there was a small school function for the end of school where 90% of guys went shirtless. I was somewhat reluctuant to do the same, but ended up doing it after I saw the surprisingly large number of people who also had bacne.

The thing was ALL of the people who had noticable bacne were all very active. All the really "healthy" type kids, and they all seemed to have bacne.

While I did see some people who were active and didn't have any acne anywhere what so ever, I didn't see anyone who was inactive and had bacne. None of these people seemed to care about showing their backs regardless of how bad their bacne was.

This makes me think, here acne is constantly associated with overall health and diet, yet how come the healthiest kids all had bacne? They were aged from 15 - 18 with the amount of people with bacne decreasing with age. So why exactly is it fat kids, who get little excersize, eat unhealthy and probably use no products for acne, are completely clear?

Could bacne result from excersizing itself? Is it possibly because of a healthier body you're excreting more toxins via sweat, and then said things are getting stuck in your pores? It would leave you healthier internally, which correlates with the excersizing, but may cause bacne, which has no downside in nature. If you're in good shape and excersize regularily could bacne possbily be a sign of good health?

It makes sense if looked at simply, but it's just theorising. I have no studies or articles that relate to it, I was just thinking and it seemed to make some sense.

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Possibly, but its clear that the reason why some people have acne or not, regardless of lifestyles depends largely on genetics and other environmental factors. Thats not to say that you should use those circumstances as excuses not to clear your acne. Everybody has a solution, you just have to be fortunate to find it.

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I think it has to do with testosterone, but even back in the days when I didn't work out at all, I still had terrible bacne and would have been the outlier in your observations, I guess.

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I think it's because people who are very active are also more likely to get very sweaty and perhaps they wear tight clothing when they work out and don't shower immediately after exercising. As we all know, moisture + lack of oxygen = bacteria, which can in turn lead to acne. I have personally noticed that when I wear looser clothing and shower right after a work out my bacne isn't as bad.

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