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Any Suggestions???

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This is the first time that my face has been relatively clear in a long time, and I'm glad for that. Now I just want to get rid of some of these scars, mainly those 2 huge ones on my right side (you should see what I'm talking about) Where should I start?? I don't have thousands to dump into laser treatments. So I guess I'm kind of limited.

Right Side: http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f312/nk3007/Photo45.jpg

Left Side: http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f312/nk3007/Photo47.jpg

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I'm interested to know what kind of scars those are because I have some of those on my cheeks as well

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You have enlarged pores and some scars on the right side. But overall your skin is very good!

In my opinion, the start for any treatments is with Peels.

Search information around here for some ones. TCA 12,5% is a nice start.

First treat all this redmarks; them you will see if you want something more agressive. The enlarged pores will improve with peels, but they will not vanish. But JUST some peels is enought to you.

Be careful with any scar treatment and active acne. In peels, for example, your skin will become more thin in the initial days pos-treatment, and if some pimple show up might leave a scar.

Oh, if I had your skin I would never do a laser treatment!

talk to a derm :)

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But overall your skin is very good!

I think this is misleading

Seems red--you still breaking out, or had recent breakout activity? I think any derm would first address any active lesions before moving on to scarring treatments.

Those 2 big ones--I wonder if you could just have those cut right out and the skin sewn together around them.

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