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Hi im new! Finding acne hard to deal with

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Hi i'm new to the boards so hi everyone! I've been using the site quite a bit lately, for reviews & support.

Some stuff about me- i'm 27 and have had 'problem' skin since i was about 14. I'd say i had moderate acne around 15-17 and my social life was virtually non existant. I would find excuses not to go out and i'd stay in all the time. I finally went to the doctor and she said i was beginning to scar so was prescribed BP gel and antibiotics. I think they helped as it died down a bit but left my face looking urgh - scaly red and dry! I hated college as i felt so self concious about my skin. However, after i left college i got a job, made new friends and started going out. I met my first proper boyfriend at 19, who i was with for about 2 years. I still suffered from breakouts etc, but i found going on the pill made it less worse than it was when i was younger.

Over the years i've always battled with my skin, seeking perfection. Last year i got fed up so went to the doctor again and was prescribed a topical which made my face nice & clear for a few months until my skin got used to it. Since then i've still be dealing with the breakouts, my skin isnt bad but i hate the red marks i have, the oilyness of my face all the time and dealing with spots that keeping cropping up. Its got my really down lately, esp as i managed to get nice skin not long ago. When i have a tan its alright, my skin looks even and it hides the imperfections. However, i have stopped using sun beds as i found it was so easy to get addicted.

Everyday i take so long to get ready, making sure i perfect my make up so every flaw is covered. I feel so self concious when i can see bumps where the spots are, at work its worse as the lighting is horrid! I cringe when someone comes up really close to me as i just feel like they're looking at my spots etc. I find myself not being far from a mirror, checking the status of my skin. Its quite obsessive. I've looked up acne dismorphia and i know most of it is what i go through. I get so low because of it. My mum said she doesnt even see any spots with my make up, but i know they're there. I was asking my friend the other day about what pill shes on for her skin and she told me i had lovely skin, and shes never seen me with red/blotchy skin like she has.

I guess most of my worries are in my head, but i just was to have clear skin and not have to think about it 24/7. This week i've not been anywhere except work. I blew off a date with a guy i've met a few times because i had a few new spots. I also cancelled watching a movie with a friend as i wanted to just take all my makeup off and treat my spots. I feel so crappy!

I went to the doctor again the other week and asked for finacea gel (had good reviews on make up alley) and also to change my pill to Yasmin. Since then i've been getting more spots so feel like sh*te! I just want it to be the next wonder treatment, but they never are! The gel has started to help with the marks but not much for breakouts, not sure whether this is to do with the pill? I've ordered dianette online which wasnt cheap, as i know how good it'll be for my skin but dont want to wait months for the doctor to give it to me. I'm also gonna try duac next.

I worry about forthcoming events, constantly thinking 'will my skin be alright by then'. A friends wedding is in a month and i want to feel good about myself.

I'm just sick of worrying and also about what others think! Its been good to read other posts on here and know i'm not alone.

Sorry for the long post!

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Yeah definitley not alone! Welcome to Acne.org. :)

The worrying about things to come, what you will look like is one of the hardest things to kick but I think it can be done. I try and just give it some perspective because realisticaly it is ridiculous that acne should affect ones life so much. The worrying often makes things worse.

If you make yourself headstrong, push yourself out the door you will see that nobody cares, not least your mates! Looking back on your week is bound to make you feel crappy but it could of been so different, you could of done all those things and felt better for it - with or without acne. A good idea is to tell yourself that you are working on your acne, in the meantime go out and live, eventually you will get clear. I went through a phase last year of not going out and basically hibernating at weekends because of acne. I lost the respect of friends and still feel socially awkward sometimes because of it but I have resolved to just have fun, acne is nothing at the end of the day - I have enjoyed so much just doing stuff and ignoring what acne I have whilst all the while knowing I am doing all in my power to clear myself.

You have to find a way out of the mindset that people are judging you on your skin, theres so much more to your person.

I though Finacea was for rosacea btw? Maybe thats why its not working on active spots?

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Thanks for the reply!

Finacea- well it says its for acne & rosacea. I find my face is redder than my neck and chest and heard its great for helping to fade old breakouts/marks. Its worked on the redness and marks and does help the spots heal but yeah, dont find it useful at preventing new breakouts. Gonna ask the dr for duac as thats what she suggested in the first place..so hopefully both will be good!

Yeah i try not to let my skin get to me, esp when others suffer so much more. It just really makes a difference to my mood/confidence..good skin days i feel totally different..i want to go out and do so much. I guess if i could hide under a paper bag sometimes i would! I think i'm just too vain at times. :rolleyes:

Im scared of getting close to a guy at the mo, having to stay over and let him see me au natural or on my breakout days. I've dated a bit lately but never let it get past the 5th date mark..my mum thinks i'm being fussy but i just feel like i want to work on myself at the mo, get to the point where my skin stops affecting my personality.

Yeah i do feel better knowing i'm doing something about it. Hopefully it'll improve soon. Be gone you nasty spots!

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Hi I actually just started using Yasmin and i'm on my third week. I have read many reviews that you have to just wait it out and let your body become accustomed to the hormones or whatever.

On Yasmin I have been more emotional than usual, yet no weight gain or anything else.

I have hormonal acne so I am hoping that this will balance out my hormones eventually and I will have clear skin again. I am so fed up with acne.. it really can ruin a persons social life! Acne just turns me into a person that i'm not. I hate it when people point it out to me like i'm not aware.. like .. "hey what happened to your face?" :doh: That crap just makes me not want to go out and see friends. But anyways I haven't noticed anything extremely significant with being on Yasmin. Ive had a couple new pimples but nothing severe. I use pro-activ cleanser & the mask at night on my pimples also which has proven to help me in the past to stay close to clear.. But currently my face looks like shit and im ready for this Yasmin to start working. Hope this helped.

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Hi, yeah i've been using yasmin for only about 2 weeks, maybe i'm breaking out as im more concious about my skin..who knows?! But i did take one of my old pills today, maybe i should just stick out the yasmin for now. Im going to see the doctor tomorrow and will ask for duac as hopefully that'll get rid of the current spots.

I just worry all the time as i feel at 27 i should be enjoying that 20 something skin after acne and before wrinkles lol. Hopefully my dianette wont take too long to arrive. Two friends of mine have used this and say its great, one says she hardly wears makeup out now, she had terrible breakouts on her jaw.

Really dont want to go to work tomorrow, my make up looked shite today.. really affects how i feel about myself. I know its not like when i was younger..the acne is mild now, but i just want it to f*ck off!! lol.

Anyways, thanks for your support x

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Heylo! Welcome!

If you really want to get clear you should start looking for internal health cleansing options (something to that effect)

I probably shouldnt be sprouting I cant commit to but often my sweet tooth gets the best of me and my resistance fades surprisingly fast. Anyways that's some advice for you!

There is a lot of information through out acne.org dealing with internal cleansing, so it is definitely something worth looking into to!

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Reading your post was like reading a story similar to my own. I didn't have terrible skin growing up and as a teenager, but when I was 23 my skin started breaking out. I got all these tiny bumps on my face at first, then I started getting large, painful, and red bumps too. I also started getting super oily. My makeup practically melts off. My self confidence went down the drain (not that there was much to begin with, I've always been kind of self-concious). I never wanted to go out and I dreaded seeing people I knew. I always tried to avoid going out with my boyfriend when my face was really bad. I made him frustrated a lot.

I was able to go on some medication which helped, but since my derm was giving me free samples I had to stop taking the medication when he told me I'd have to pay for it from now on. My presctiptions cost about $400 a month and I can't afford that without insurance. My face has started to get bad again. I called off of work today because of it and told my boyfriend I can't go to St. Pete for a concert trip we've been planning. I was hoping my skin would be better for the concert, but it just won't clear up. Now he's upset with me which is making me feel worse. I feel so horrible and unattractive. I'm just not the type of person who can forget her acne.

Thanks for posting your story. It helps to know that other people feel the exact same way that I do.

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Hi Mary

Sorry to hear that you're unhappy at the moment and acne is getting you down too. I've been guilty of letting friends down lately and cancelling plans..

I went to the dr monday and got a prescription for duac gel. I told myself that i wasnt gonna think about my skin too much at work and tried to keep it in my head that i was doing something about my skin, it worked a bit and i didnt feel so self concious.

Well..i used the duac last night and this morning i wasnt pleased! My face looks a bit sunburnt and really hot. I called work to get the day off, making some emergency up. Sad i know, but i didnt want to add that to my other hangups! Have spent the day make up free (felt nice!) but my skin still hasnt really calmed down. Perhaps i used too much gel, altho i followed the instructions, but the duac website says a bit less (confused!) so i'm gonna miss it tonight and see how it is tomorrow. Gonna have to get myself into work as i'm off thursday & friday (pre-booked). Looking at my face now my spots arent really noticable and have actually began to dry up..altho the redness has somewhat covered my face! I guess i have to laugh about it as theres nothing i can do, maybe i'll say i had too much sun lol

Altho i completely understand that you dont want to go away, maybe just think positive..that you're not gonna let your skin beat you..make a pact with yourself that you wont think about your face for a day. I've wondered how different my week would have been if i had did this..

good luck x

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