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skye's log

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Okay so here i am at 35 still with acne! It sucks! But im determined to get rid of it once and for all!

I have been on Panoxyl 2.5% for a couple of dayz and i am experiencing redness and irritation! I have been using alot morning and night coz i am desparate but im overdoing it i think so im changing my regimen to applying the B/P only in the evening for a week or two!


oil of olay cleansing wash for sensitive skin

olay complete moisturiser for sensitive skin

1 pint of water


1 pint of water


Oil of olay cleansing wash for sensitive skin

Panoxyl B/P 2.5%

Olay complete moisturiser for sensitive skin

I am also trying to cut out chocolate from my diet

Decrease the amount of dairy food. (Dont want to cut it out completely cos i love dairy!)

And eat more vegetables and fruit

And of course drink more water!

Wish me luck on my mission guys!

luv skye xx

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hi again!

I applied some B/P to my face this morning (which i know i shouldn't have) and it came up itchy, red and burnt a bit! So after 2 hours i washed it off and applied moisturiser! My skin felt soooo much better! Im just too impatient cos i want to get rid off this acne but i now know that i need to take it slow!

Im going to stay away from the B/P tonight and possibly tomorrow morning and carry on cleansing and moisturising!

When my skin is not as red im going to start applying the B/P again but very little this time cos i think i have been applying too much!

I'll let u know how my skin is in the morning! Its still alittle red but less so than it was earlier!

take care chickies xx

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This log i've created is a reallygood idea forme cos it is reminding me what an impatient, impulsive idiot i am! :rolleyes:

Instead of staying wawy from the B/P cream lastnight i thought i would just dab a small amount on the area round my chin! Well! i woke up this morning and my chin is completely red! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :redface:

anyway! guess i've learnt my lesson the hard way! B/P is a no go for now!

Im going to keep on with the cleansing and moisturising and get my face back to NOT RED!!!!!

This morning i have cleansed and moisturised and i wiill do the same this evening! Hope the redness starts to ease through today! Im staying in away from people today! :ninja::shifty:


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Bad, bad skin atm!

Red, puffy dry and itchy all over!

Stopped my regimen!

Ordered 'calmin' products for acne/ rosacea. Its for very sensitive skin!

May have rosacea skin condition!

Rosacea or allergic reaction?

Going to surf the web to find out what is going on!

Not happy today! Hiding in the house!

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skin was so sore and dry that in desparation i applied sudocream!

It has eased the sorenes somewhat so feeling a little better now! will put a little on tonight!

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The sudocream is helping and my face is not as red as yesterday! The skin is peeling and the tightness is easing a little now which is a relief. There r now a few pimples around my chin but that was to be expected. I knew the cream would cause a mini outbreak!

My top priority atm is to treat my burnt skin and that seems to be working!

Im very impatient and want my new cleanser and moisturiser! I should have them in a few days and anyway its probably best that im not putting any new products on my face until the sore burnt areas have healed!

Hope u r all doing okay fellow members? xx

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i had to take a bath! Not shower!

It was not too hot!

Now my face is so dry red and itchy! I hate this!

Put Olay moisturiser on for sensitive skin and it relieved it for 5 minutes! Now its itchy and sore again!

cant put anything else on cos all the other stuff got thrown away cos it hurt my skin!

Waiting for my new products to come in the post! Hope they come tomorrow or thursday at the latest! Im getting desparate here! :wall::cry:

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Today my new products came! Yeah!!!!

I started the new regimen today.

This morning and this evening i applied:

'Calmin' Ultra Mild Cleanser and

'Calmin' Environmental Protection Cream SPF 15

So far so good! After just two applications my face is feeling much better. less dry, less red and very soothed! my pimples seem to be drying out too. I just hope this is long term success for me cos finding a product for my very sensitive skin has been a real struggle for years.

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well....... i woke up this morning and my skin is still dry and but a little better i think!

applied my CALMIN cleanser and moisturiser and it soothed my skin immediately! my face is still irritating slighty on my cheeks but is definetly much better. Im sure my new cleanser and moisturiser are really helping! the few pustules around my chin area are drying out so thats good news.

im thinking about my diet atm and to be honest its not good!

idrink lots of black coffee in the morning and love drinking milk to help me sleep at night! (I had a big glass before bed lastnight. I donteat nearly enough fruit and veggies or drink enough water! arghhh! i think i need to start thinking more seriously about what im consuming!

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I drunk a glass of wine tonight and now im stressing that im going to break out tomorrow!

BTW Skin is doing okay! Still obsessing over my pustules in the mirror

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Just the few that r still there but gradually clearing up!

Face is becoming less dry and irritating which is great news! I think this regimen is going to work for my sensitive skin but i DO need it to work in getting rid of my acne too! so far so good though!

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