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Jim's Roaccutane Diary

Hi all! 12 hours ago I took the first step on my way to acne free skin. I took my first 20mg accutane capsule.

I'm an 18 year old male, about 5'9", (8.10 stone, 55kg, 123lb). My skin is actually really good at the mo (about 2 active pimples out of sight on neck) but I've got loads of red marks and lines on forehead and have had moderate and sevear acne. I get acne on my forehead (big ones though not cysts I dont think) and on my jawline/upper neck, occasionally on side of face not not much, and a little on back. I've been on Oxytetracycline and Minocycline as well as the Regimen and Nicam gel. None really did the business but got perscribed this on Friday (free on the NHS woo! love stealing from British government). He's put me on 20mg of Roaccutane TWO times a day. Thats every 12 hours (8 o clock if you must know). I should be on for 4 months. I'm gonna be clear for summer YAY!

Day 1:

Well not much to report. Just took my 2nd capsule as it's 8pm. No good or bad effects yet obviously but time will tell. I'm dreading the 2nd week breakout! Ah well. I expect it and should know how to handle it. I shouldn't pop any pimple unless its absolutely need to correct? And of course I wont be touching face. Should I put anything on my face (such as nicam gel or BP2.5% for example? I'm pretty sure I'm not meant to apply anything) I put on moisturiser every morning and a little tinted mousturiser on my red marks. I use chap stick on lips aswell. Well heres to a fantastic 4 months hopefully for my skin smile.gif


(lots of on my nose) black heads

5 small clearing pimples on neck

0 medium pimples

1 large pimples

0 cysts

loads of red marks!

dryness: nothing really

oily skin: a little after day at college- normal


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Are you sure you need accutane? Sounds like you are trying to kill a fly with a bazooka. Accutane won't help with red marks, do a search on the boards for that.

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I know. I just happened to start taking Accutane at a time when my skin looks good. I know I'm just going to keep going through cycles of good, bad, and ugly skin. I just want rid of it personally. I know I'm going to face some tough times but it shall be worth it smile.gif

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Ok, today is my sixth day and it's been horrible!!!

Happy to say unbelievably I have not had a single spot that can really be classed as acne :-k altho I do have one largish pimple on temple by hairline which I know will be fine if I just leave it alone.


Day 4 my skin just went bright red and stayed that way. It was horrible. I felt so self conscious like when I had really bad acne. Day 5 it did the same but I bought moisturiser in. This was a bad idea cos by the end of the day I had applied so much my skin just felt greasy and yuky, without calming the hot face. It's not dry realy, certainly not pealing, just REALLY RED!

but heres the weirdest side efect I'm having:

It feels like muscles are spasming under my eyes. Usually just afte I've been active liked walked somewhere or whatever. It feels really weird and is very distracting. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?? I can feel it under the sin with my fingers.

On day six I'm still red and got chapped lips. Havent had a break out yet, let alone ANY new acne (other than couple tiny tiny whiteheads which have left without trace)


can anyone please help me with the muscle spasming bit?

I use "Simple" hydrating moisturiser and "Simple" Foaming moisturising face wash. They are both oil/fragrence/all the rest free. I've also been drinking loads of water in order to calm thr redness. Its not workign!

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RIGHT 3 weeks in and i've made quite a few chages

-every morning and night Simple Foaming Moisturising Face Wash + Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

-ONE 20mg Roaccutane pill every evening

Ok now on to my skin condition,

Forehead - ok, loads of red marks, no actual acne on it tho biggrin.gif/

Cheeks - no acne on it!!1 biggrin.gif/

Chin and mouth - no acne!! biggrin.gif/

under jawline and neck - worse part, bout 6 pimples, and 2 "lumps" under skin. none of them are mega bad tho and although they take longer healing than your average spot they aint cysts or anything. cant really see em either

yesterday i did somethign SO stupid tho

i decided to squeeze all the crap of my nose out, ie the black heads from pores. I dont have any spots, just bheads. I sqeezesd hard crap out of every pore til my nose was red, then finally my fingers slipped and i tore a layer of skin of bout 1m square just of centre of my nose. not deep, but it stung like hell. it ripped due to a) my squezing all around there, b) dry skin from accu, and c) i was in the sun the day before which prob dryed it.

anyway i put moisturiser on so no more would peel off. this morn it had a load of loose skin which came off in shower with face wash. its not a cut, just a red area where skin has blaitently peeled off. not sure how noticeable it is but i hope to god it heals.

another thing on my mind is that i dont know if ive ha a breakout yet. i dont think i have, ive only had one on forehead and a fwe on neck, which is about average. i prey i dont have a break out to look forward to.

OH yeah, due to the horrid redness, i cut my self down to just 20mg a day. i dont think my skin is anywhere near as bad as some peoples so i still hope it works, hell im feelin it.

i recon i may only have e to do 2-3 months as my skin is already so much better!!!

i wear contact lenses so i was expecting dry eyes but luckily these havent hit me yet,

side effects, v dry lips, occasional red face, burning sensation in face, aches in back.

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Hey! glad its working well for u.

I'm on day 6, skin looks worse, but i know its normal..

I'm also using the simple refreshing face-wash, but I was wondering where exactly it said on the moisturiser that it was oil-free?? I couldn't find it anywhere on the box so i didn't buy it.


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you're right it doesnt say that now im looking, but it is perfume and colour/additive free. it does a damn good job, best stuff ive used. id defo recommend it!

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End of week 5

The breakout (which at the time I didnt realise was that bad, but actually was a large group of 10 or so red bumps on the right side of neck under jawline by ear) is still there but healing I guess. They're the ones that leave red marks for ages. B**tards.

Last week we had a really sunny day and I was outside all day at a BBQ. Put some sunceam on my nose and I didnt peel or even burn (unfortuinatle the gf did) so that was good. Also drinking 3 days in a row (not heavily, but still) and the skin has held up welll.

Currently I'm looking alright. About 3 active red spots on face, and liek I said the breakout around neck whihch is healing. I Never get white head spots anymore I've noticed. I just get red lumps that look inflamed then die down and turn to bumps. Weird.

Side effects are v dry lips (using a good lip balm = carmex) red skin if I'm hot or havebeen active.

I'm still on 20mg a day remember. woo

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Havent updated for so long. Well I did but it got deleted for some reason shock.gif Well my old account no longer works for some reason so Ive registered a new one.

I'm now just about to start my 16th week of Accutane. I'm gonna finish at around 18-20 weeks I think just to make sure (I was meant to do 4 months but then I halved the dosage)


This stuff works. Beleive me. You will have doubt and it will suck but eventually, it will come through and you will have the dream that is clear skin smile.gif

I'll updated again next week.

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Theyre still visable in places it was worse (like my jawline near ears) and my forehead, but only up very close (liek when I inspect my self in a mirror)

I still have very dry skin and lips and i get a red face quite easily, which is why i wanna get off the pills ASAP, but I just want to make sure i can get as much in me as possible, in the hope it keeps it away forever.

What happens if you OD on accutane? I'm no way considering it(dont worry) but what would happen?

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ODing on Accutane? Never heard of it. It'll probably kill you if you take many, as it's very tough on your liver and the liver, well, you know.

I've had that reddish tone on my face forever...never goes away. And using BP, my skin doesn't dry out too much but it's still red because of it. Here is something I found today...that might help with your redness. (I used to flush easily even before acne).

I've never been a big fan of sunblock so I never wore it, I figured it'd just break me out more. I just try to avoid the sun and wear a cap, and I wear make-up, and it's usually 10-15 SPF so I figure that was enough. Today, I put on sunblock and no make-up...and you know what? It did a better job than some of my make-up! The white of the sunblock covered up the redness, and the tone of my skin looked like my "real" tone...and not made-up! And the sunblock looks matte on my skin, so it doesn't look oily. Love it.

I think it might be good for guys that don't want to cover-up with make-up, and want to look less flushed. I'm using Shiseido's sun protection lotion.

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Yeah thats true, forgot that.

Thats useful info about the sunblock, I'm goin to Cornwall in August for a week of beach and surf so I'll be needing it. (of course I would have stopped taking tane before then)

I never had a red face ever but since literally 3 days after my first pill I went red and got flushed very very easily, whihc I thought looked horrible and left me very uncomfortable.

Altho now it seems to have calmed down (maybe the worse is over) I still get flushed but do you think it will go away after 2 or so weeks after taking my last pill?

Not sure when I'm gonna quit. I can easily handle taking them now and its part of my routine. I have loads of spare pills as well. Might call it a day in 2 weeks time and pray its gone forever smile.gif

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Hopefully you won't be reddish once off Accutane - well, you probably won't be if you weren't before.

I was on A. for 4 months on 40mg daily, exactly like you. My acne came back later (I was moderate when I started...I never had severe cystic acne, only 1 or 2 cysts once in a while plus a combination of lots of papules, pustules, white, blackheads, etc.). It came back a little less severe about 1 year later, but came back nevertheless. I was a little bad about taking pills regularly though (forgot to take pill every once in a while). Ask your doctor if it would help to take it for 2 more months on a real low dosage like 10mg twice a week, so that you don't stop too early. I'm not going back on Accutane (I hope) since the Regimen is working nicely.

Have fun surfing!

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