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Conclusions about The cure for all diseases

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Ok, so the mentioned book was written by Hulda Clark. Wikipedia bio:


Involved as you can see in some lawsuits etc, not that suprising as she claims to have cured HIV/AIDS & cancer amongst other things. In this regards, I believe she may be a nutter, may, but thankfully I’m only interested from an acne viewpoint. Her basic claims regarding health, or lack thereof:

"Clark claims that disease essentially has two causes: parasites, bacteria and viruses; and pollutants which damage the immune system."

From there she goes on to talk about doing cleanses/flushes for the cleaning up of the body, and then dental/diet/body/home cleanups for ‘maintenance’ I suppose; some of these I would consider extreme, using only glass dishes, replacing your refrigerator for a non-CFC one (don’t ask). Note again, a lot of this relates to cancer patients, of whom she hasn’t proved to be able to help.

I don’t really need to cover the latter maintenance topics, a lot of people here are doing similar sorts of things – fresh air, sunshine, organic foods, water filters, meditation, stress programs, sleep schedules etc etc.

So onto the stuff that concerns us. The order seems to be

Parasite cleanse – bowel cleanse – kidney cleanse – liver cleanse

The bowel cleanse seems possibly the least valuable, although it must have some merit. The problem is where to get all the sh*t needed for these.

The parasite cleanse is an 18 day program of taking herbs, and once you go past the 18th day your supposed to stay on a maintenance program indefinitely, although I wouldn’t. Ingredients:

•Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength

•Wormwood capsules (200-300mg of wormwood per capsule)

•Cloves capsules (500mg per capsule)

•Arginine (500mg per capsule)

•Ornithine (500mg per capsule)

From what I gather, you only need the ornithine for insomnia from ‘killing parasites’ so I wouldn’t be concerned about that, and it doesn’t say what you need the arginine for :( . You eat, sleep etc like normal, and take the herbs when necessary (see curezone site for 18 day program).

Difficulty rating: easy. Herbs can be bought: http://drclarkia.com/store/comersus_listCa...p?idCategory=60

note- In conjuction with these herbs you are supposed to do a daily zapping program with a 'zapper'. For me I take this recommendation with a HUGE grain of salt, but implore anyone who can share knowledge of the 'zapper' to do so.



The bowel cleanse is supposed to kill bacteria in the bowel over the course of the week.

link to procedure: http://curezone.com/clark/bowel.asp see point form steps...

Over the course of a week apparently, and then you have killed the bacteria. With my income and freetime, or lack thereof, I won’t be worrying about this for a while.

Difficulty rating: moderate – ingredients hard to obtain. Again, eat sleep etc, like normal

The kidney cleanse can be from minimal 2 weeks I think to indefinite. The site states “You need to do the kidney cleanse for six weeks to get good results, longer for severe problems.â€

link to procedure: http://curezone.com/clark/kidney.asp

Difficulty rating: hard – ingredients hard to obtain, somewhat complex procedure. Again, eat sleep etc, like normal.

The liver cleanse is a 2 day procedure. Advice from curezone

“You can't clean a liver with living parasites in it. You won't get many stones, and you will feel quite sick. Zap daily the week before and complete the parasite killing program before attempting a liver cleanse. If you are on the maintenance parasite program, you are always ready to do the cleanse.

Completing the kidney cleanse before cleansing the liver is also highly recommended. You want your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract in top working condition so they can efficiently remove any undesirable substances incidentally absorbed from the intestine as the bile is being excreted"

read the procedure - http://curezone.com/clark/liver.asp

This one speaks the most volume to me personally.

Difficulty rating: moderate – ingredients easy to obtain, difficult procedure in terms of taste & pleasantness. You don’t eat beyond 2pm of the first day, and can start eating 4 or 6 hours after waking on the second day, depending on which steps you follow.

There you have it. Please read through the site if you have questions before asking here to make sure, I’d prefer if possible to try and get responses of people who can provide knowledge & experiences of these cleanses and add in any points/info I didn’t cover.





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I've done a few parasite cleanses I found buying them in a package easier. Some are better then others.

As far as the liver flush.....ummm yummm!! I have done that one so many times, but found that I felt a little sick during my last one and I know it was, because that time I didn't do a parasite cleanse first (and I know that parasites were present at the time)

I found that even though I felt sick it took care of my gallbadder pain....gallstones.

I believe pretty much most of what Hulda Clark preaches.....

it's good to live in a safe and nontoxic enviroment, etc...and as far as having parasites, microrganisms causing problems....YES ABSOLUTELY!!!

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