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Highered my caloric intake and I broke out.

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so i switched to a saylcic acid exfoliating cleanser and as soon as i started my skin has been getting better and clearer everyday.. Im in the progress of weightlifting i have ben fore months now and i wanted to gain some weight so highered my caloric intake and and I had a decent breakout. THis sucks now that I cant gain more weight and even muscle because i know eating alot more food is making these breakouts.. I also eat very healthy but I dont think it matters.. I guess i will just stay the weight I am at and keep a average caloric intake.. Any suggestions.??

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its long to type it all.. but im going back to eating pretty light since I cant afford to eat so many calories because im pretty sure i breakout.. so my current sample meal plan is like this

morning 3 eggs 1 yolk/ oatmeal with fresh fruits and organic seeds. plus daily vitamins/ multi/ fish oil/ calcium

snack- apple/ handful almonds/ fresh veggies (carrots)

Lunch- wild fish big leafy green salad with 2 or more veggies and fresh fruit.

snack organic ezekiel toast with apple butter and fruit

dinner- either turkey chicken or fish with big salad and veggies/ some avacado and maybe a few eggs

snack chicken salad with an apple/ or just fresh fruit

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Your diet seems to be okay. Maybe you have digestive problems and its difficult for your body to digest much food?

I think I have such problems because no matter how healthy (no-grains, no-sugar, no-dairy, etc.) I eat I get acne.

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it was just a mild breakout but it really annoys me.. Im going to just eat lighter and maintain my weight not try and gain any.

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