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i keep getting these same little spots,right under my lips! anyways,there very frustrating and i dunno what is causing them. theyre sort of like blackheads but they arent black,theyre skin coloured. then they break out to proper spots and i try and get rid either by a mass application of bp or squeezing them,but they dont go away! they just stay there!

they keep coming back in the exact same form and they last a good while. my problem is i dont know whats casuing them :confused: the ones just below on the left side came first and i thought it could possibly be because i drool like HELL when i sleep, seriously there are almost puddles by morning (tmi yay!) and maybe i dunno the dribble can block pores hmmm. but then it started on the right side too. i dunno what the hell casues them now and they do my bap in!

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also if you pop them before they're properly ready or squeeze at them, you're actually forcing the bacteria deeper down into the skin which of course results in another spot in the exact same place once you're done. trust me ive learned the hard way, with months of spots returning in the same place, leave it alone until its really ready and then pop it gently and properly. this way they shouldnt come back.

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thanx for the help! i think thats good advice,wait until theyre actually ready to be squeezed. coz so far the ones ive had a go at have just came straight back again and maybe even bigger! i dont think they are coldsores,i dont usually ever get cold sores never mind 5. though i think i actually have one on my lip right now co-incidentally,weird. but the rest are like pale white lumps,the coldsore is red. i always thot u cold sores from kissing someone with a cold sore :confused: my bf does not have cold sores.....where has this come from lol.

another thot i had this afternoon,was that maybe these little lumps can be caused by your toothpaste? i switched toothpastes around 5months ago to a whitening one, and the area effected by these little zits is only around the side of my lips and on my top lip. can a toothpaste block pores?

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