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nichole xxx

that seems like SOOO much BP

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okayyy so i've been reading about Dan's regimen for awhile, and then i came across his video the other day and he says to use 2 whole pumps of the BP? isn't that like wayyy to much or no? doesn't that totally dry your face out?

also, i've been using 'BenzaClin' in a pump bottle for awhile now, so if anybody else has used BenzaClin, is it like the same consistency of it or no? because i couldn't imagine putting 2 whole pumps of BenzaClin on my face.

sorry, this has just been bugging me for awhile now! i'd love love love to know.

thanks. :wub:

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you could start off with alot but then when it starts clearing up just cut down a little

well i mean like...my acne is pretty under control these days. just always a few pimples on my face so i don't want to like super over dry my WHOLE face you know?

does anybody use dans BP for spot treating?

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i have naturally dry skin that gains its normal appearance with regular moisturising. i put dan's BP on my whole face every night without fail and it doesn't seem drying, unless i'm overzealous with it. the BP works for spot treating as well, but i'd prefer to get those damned zits BEFORE they start sprouting. it seems to work, my skin is usually clear nowadays. :) i don't use the recommended amount, and i only use once a day. i say start with less and see if you need more.

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I don't suggest using the BP for the whole face. Especially two pumps, because it WILL dry out your face. just dab on places where you DO have pimples at night. About half of a pump will do.

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