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Monsieur Beck

Help please! Underarm pimple or Ingrown hair?

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Hi everyone!

It's funny how life can lead you on...For the past two weeks I've had no pimples (nothing serious at least) and I thought I might actually have obtained some sort of control over acne's mad rampage. Well I was wrong.

The other day I was using Nair in the shower (2nd time using it) for my underarm. It worked fine and there was no irritation, but the next day I noticed that there was a sudden irritated red pustule under my arm. I've had no history of body acne, so at first I thought this might be an ingrown hair...But I don't see any hair 'underneath' the pimple...It hurts like heck though, and I'm worried my acne might be progressing...So can anyone tell me the difference? And if it's even possible to get an ingrown hair from something like nair?

Thanks a lot for the help. :)

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I get acne from antiperspirant, but I also get very itchy if I use much salt or "natural" deoderant. Now I use a thin layer of Almay for sensitive skin at night, which slows, but doesn't stop perspiration, and a moderate layer of Crystal roll-on (the others make me itchier) during the day, which makes the sweat that gets through not smell.

I haven't used Nair, so I don't know if it can cause ingrown hairs.

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It's probably an ingrown hair or some other irritation related to the nair. I get them under my arms from time to time and they're typically more painful than traditional acne.

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