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Allow me to do a little philosophizing here. I believe that human beings were created with one foundational motive, to love and be loved by others. Humans are relational beings made for communion with one another. It is because of this that I thought the most hellish pain was forcing yourself against that love of others. For example, I was once friends with a girl I cared very much about, but after a while she broke things off and basically told me she had never cared about me. Although a part of me wanted to continue loving her as I always had, I recognized that I had to force myself to stop loving her for my own sake. Thus I thought that this un-loving someone was the hardest pain a human could endure.

Years later I find I was wrong. For while a human's deepest desire is to love others, their deepest need is to be loved themselves. After struggling for years with acne my self esteem has been ground into pulp, I have little confidence, and zero hope of ever overcoming this disease. As many people on these forums may have experienced, I began over time to hate myself. It is then that I realized that the deepest emotional pain may very well be being unable to love oneself. Think about it, people can pull through just about any trial or circumstance with little more than a sense of self preservatoin. But when a person feels hate for themselves what hope do they have?

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Make sense to you? For the record, I'm not depressed or anything right now, I'm just sittin' here thinking about things.

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It not only sounds familiar, those words are the ones that have shaken nations and moved mountains. Bueatifully, eloquently, and rightly written. The deepest pain is from lack of love, and without the ability to love yourself, you have no reference in which to learn how to accept the love of others. This was incredibly impressive, one of the best writings I've seen in some time! Thank you for sharing this!

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Very very familiar... too familiar. Its sad. I really dont love myself and I don't know why...

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