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Clear in 2 weeks!

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I wish I had known this earlier cuz it would have saved me from alot of grief, hence Im sharing it with u. Hopefully it will help cuz i know how frustrating it can be. :P

I have always suffered from "mild" acne since puberty and nothing seemed to work. BP helped a tiny bit, but i would still break out and it would cause mild allergic reactions for me. So, here I am (years later) on a new perscription and totally loving it. Im pretty much totally clear and really happy.

I tried and tested almost everything (perscription/over counter) short of accutane. But my new derm told me to try clindoxil and differin. Hated the clindoxil (cuz its BP) but love the differin so secretly i only use differin :P. The trick to differin is that u have to be patient and use it *every night* for 2 weeks. the initial side effects are horrible and often stop people from using it .. but continue for two weeks! this is extremely important.

Now im clearer than ever and im soo happy. Ask your derm, and try it!

F.Y.I :

-im asian with sensitive skin, my acne was never cystic but persistent.

-initially when u use differin you will break out more and your skin will flake, scale, feel tight/burny, and hurt alot! after 2 weeks it will be all over and these side effects will disappear.

-a good lotion is important (experiment to find one u like).

-I use 3% differin, in the gel form.

Wat I do:

morning: wash with spectro gel, lightly rub face with two fingers for 5 mins to get rid of dead skin cells (alot will come off at first), and use a quarter pump of a good loton mixed with a little water (makes it not greasy).

night: wash with spectro gel, use quarter pump of lotion mixed with a tiny bit of water, apply differin to entire face (i use 4-6 pea sizes for the entire face).

-now since im clear i spot treat any suspected spots with differin and the pimples dissapear the next day. cool!

ITS sooooo simple and cheap (helps with scars too!)

Good luck!

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