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Hi everyone,

I've been always seeing in the boards that wash your face with warm water.

so basically this is my question, Does "warm" means a certain temperature of water or "warm"

means the capacity of your skin?

Because in my experience warm water for me is like turning the faucet 80% to the left

which is really warm for me but really extremely burning and hot for some people.

Thank You,


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Warm I think just means half warm water and half cold water.....so more like lukewarm than "hot" warm. Warm water shouldn't make your skin turn red or feel really hot to the touch. It's basically "normal" temperature water but just a few degrees warmer.

Hope that makes sense!

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yeah. i'd say half cold water, half hot water.

slightly hotter than room temperature. like, when you run your hand under it, you shouldn't feel hotness/coldness. just running water. sorry, kinda hard to explain.

so basically yes, it shouldn't make your face red.

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I use as warm as I can before it's painful. If it hurts it's too hot. It's supposed to open pores and it does a better job of washing. Just like warm water washes dishes better.

As for turning the sink 80%, different faucets have different sensitivities.

I don't find lukewarm to be warm enough.

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