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hmm just thought id make a thread about this for people to share their experiences with having a HUGE GAPING RED INFLAMMED PIMPLE ON THE END OF THEIR NOSE! Ive had this about 3 times in the past year and it would last for almost a week and i would even resort to covering it with makeup even though im a guy...i havent gotten anymore and i just started the regimen, but just wondering if any of you have gone through having one of these horrible pimples...

and btw the worst part was being called rudolph... :cry:

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Yeah, Ive been through it .. I've had like 5 on the front of my nose and maybe 3-4 on the side of my nose the last few years(big ones). Its absolutely devastating! It really sucks, and all you do is wishing that this big Godzilla on your nose would leave. I have one classmate who liked to comment when I had a huge pimple.

One day when I got into class as the last pupil, just before the teacher was coming. The guy who finds it incredibly funny to comment my zits, was on one side of the room, and I went over to other. Suddenly he shouted in front of everyone: "Haha, you got a huge pimple on your nose". Well thanks for the confirmation dickhead. He even had a huge King Kong on his nose a few weeks before..!

Lol, it really sucks and all I can do now is laught about it.

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Thankfully you guys weren't teens during the 80's, but I'll bet Dan and Brandy remember this one: "...The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the North Star (zits on kid's face light up to form the appropriate constellation or celestial body as it is announced, the North Star being you guessed it that big ol' classic nose zit right smack in the middle!)." Commercial for Clearasil! I can still hear the kids chanting 20 years later, and could've killed Clearasil for running that ad at a time when naturally my skin was at its all-time worst. Kids can be so thoughtless and cruel. But like Benhi said, you have to look back and laugh. And recently I had the pleasure of having one of my taunters wait on me at McDonald's! :boogie: Same 80's mullet, fat, and worse skin than mine! I should've referred him to Acne.org but oh well, the topic never came up. ;)

It's moments like this that really level the playing field, so to anyone who's ever been teased or made fun of because of their acne, take heart. You never know when your moment may come!

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