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all of us have something we can brag about that others dont have.

I will start.

Physically, I am FIT! Nice figure.. (Thank you God)

I'm also grateful to live in America and have all the opportunities to even be picky about what I eat so I can fix my acne and never go hungry unless I chose to!

How about you guys??

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oooh,i like this thread! realising what good things you have in life is always important

anyways,im most grateful for my bestest wee mate, shes a diamond. ive known her since i was 4 and shes just pure class. i wonder why the hell she put up with me through the dark ages of 2005-2007 when i was suicidal bout my acne,and the reason - shes amazing haha. theres no other way to describe it. hepled me re-build my life afterwards and actually enjoys it. she like holds my hand through life,when i say no i cant,she says i can and gives 100% enthusiasm. everyone should have a friend like this. even if its only 1 because its someone u'll always have,to help you through the horrendous bad times and party with you in the good times.

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you're really lucky stereophonics, everyone wants a friend like that.

I'm grateful for the fact that I'm pretty clever and tend to always do well when maybe I haven't worked as hard and don't really deserve it. And I love my friends and just sitting in the pub watching Arsenal with them, can't beat it.

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yea,im lucky to have her :angel: bless her wee heart

arsenal?!? im grateful for sitting in a pub,pint of cider and watching man united pummel arsenal hmm 4-0 was it :razz:

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i'm grateful for my mom and dad and stepdad and stepsister and borther

my dog P.J.

my friends

my ability to write and to see many points of view

and my eyes

and i am very very very grateful to jsut be alive and to be free

sometimes i cant think about anything but the bumps on my skin, and i have really awful ocd so it runs like a broken record in my head when im not on my meds

thank uou so much for posting this youre very right

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