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How much wildcaught salmon pr. week?

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Im completely in love with wilcaught salmon, but how many times can I eat it pr. week? Right now im eating it 3-4 times a week. Is it safe to eat everyday (switching between lunch and dinner) or would that be too much mercury? Or should I add wild sardines, or atlantic mackarel so that I could eat fish every day instead of taking fish supplements?

And what about eggs? Im eating 3-4 pr. week right now, this is the limit right?

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Where was the salmon wild-caught?

If from Alaska, then it's pretty safe. If it's from the Atlantic, then you might want to limit to a few times a week.

And by all means, alternate the types of fish you eat. I once ate salmon just about every day because I liked it so much; then I kind of got sick of it. It worked best for me as a semi-rare treat.

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I never heard of 3-4 eggs per week being the limit unless the info was coming from some organization who still believes cholesterol in food is bad. I eat 4-5 a day most days. At least 2 dozen a week, sometimes 3 dozen. Eggs are one of your best protein sources, and theyre cheap too. eggs from pastured hens are your best bet for nutritional profiles. If you are eating qulity eggs i would not limit yourself to 3-4/week.

oh, and mackarel would be a good bet, since they are pretty low on the food chain, and i believe are not carnivorous, they will have far less mercury. The highest concentrations of mercury are found in carnivorous fish at the top of the food-chain since it builds up in all the fish they eat. I was eating mackarel for a while but id rather just take cod liver oil. i hate fish.

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