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Cleansing on accutane

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Hi guys,

I'm 22 from the uk.

I suffer from mild-moderate persistant acne and have done so for the past 4/5 years.

I've used DKR for the best part of four years. Its helped me a lot in terms of 'managing' my acne. However, it's definitely not a cure.

Recently, my skin has been more prone to breakouts and my skin has become really oily in places. The Bp used to control this before. Not sure why it's not at present.

Anyway, my doctor has referred my to a private derm and I should get an appointment next week.

I'm hoping to go on roaccutane and my doctor thinks this is what he will prescribe me.

I've read alot about the drug so I'm prepared for the side effects and the fact I will have to be patient in terms of seeing results.

I have a quick query:

How many times a day should a 'tane' user cleanse their face? I'm so used to doing it twice a day (12 hours apart) but I understand the drying effects might be too much to continue such a process.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers everyone!

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I think that, as long as you're using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, you should be fine with washing 2x daily. Good luck!!

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I was my face twice a day as well. I the DCL Laboratory line, which my dermo suggested to me and all of his other patients. It's an amazing line, check it out!

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