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Just started using CARLEY'S CLEAR & SMooth~

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hey guys, im new to this board and i did some researching on carley's before i decided to post this

so anyways, i've been using it for about 2 and a half weeks now

some background info:

since high school i used proactiv, and that has always worked for me, i had clear skin until college, when it started to stop working, my skin eventually got super flaky all of a sudden and i would break out a little bit

so that past year, i started to use dermalogica, which has no bp and it has a little SA in it, that was working so-so for me, i was still getting a few pimples here and there, a few cysts but after a while it just started to piss me off becuz yea i liked the results i had with proactiv better, so i started to give proactiv a shot again, but yea the first week was ok but hten it started to get all dry and flaky again

So.... i decided to research and i heard about carley's, and i decided to give it a shot. At first, my skin was getting super flaky and red, and it was kind of itchy, but i emailed the guy and he was like, keep using it you'll get used to it, so after the first week i beared with it and eventually no more flakes and my skin is soft

NOW~ started on my second week, i started to get smoother skin BUT tiny bumps all over my chin, my mouth area, and around my nose, and i have no idea what this is? i did research and people say it could be my skin "purging" but i dunno, i never had breakouts in these areas, like they dont look like pimples, more like white bumps surrounded with some redness and i feel like maybe if i stick it out it'llget better? but at same time i dont wanna wait and it ends up getting worse

i emailed them and they say its a good sign because the bacteria is coming out, but i dunno i feel like they could be clogged pores or i'm not relaly sure, what do you guys think?

any of you guys had an experience like this? like i said i'm on week 2 and a half and i know it takes some time, but usually my skin adapts pretty quickly to new stuff

also, i'm asian-american male, and i'm 21 years old, i have mild acne before this

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Yo! I've been using Carly's for at least 6 months now and I will say that overall I believe it's helped.

BUT, I have the same exact thing you're talking about only on my forehead. Those annoying white bumps that just sit there for months. Sometimes they come to a large head, other times they just stay there and do as they please.

It's extremely annoying. I haven't even used the treatment on my forehead for a few months because it was really bad. Now it has subsided a little bit, but I still get them.

If you've only been using it for a couple weeks, I'd suggest to stick with it. After a month or two you'll have a better idea of how it's effecting your skin. Good luck!

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u still have them after 6 months? damn...

hmm, after looking in the mirror everyday, i feel like they're getting better, like less red but maybe htye're turning more white, maybe they were just coming out?

but honestly i do not want to wait 2-3 months to see results... hopefully it'll go away in like a week

im thinking of using a 50/50 lemon water toner ,, i read some good reviews on here and i dunno, i feel like after i wash with carley's even tho my face feels really soft it still is dry a little , so maybe the toner couldh elp out with unclogging pores and junk

also gobills, if you could , could u tell me how your experience was with it as you started off? like what was your initial skin reaction and what developed within those six months?

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I only have a couple persistent white bumps on my forehead now. When I started off I do believe I got a bit of an IB, but nothing too severe. My face didn't get red or flacky. Then things got progressively better from there. Never 100% clear, but breakouts are under control and I think using this helps.

The key is to not apply a lot of pressure when washing with it - apply it gently and let your fingers glide over your skin. I only use it once a day in the morning, and wash it off after 30 secs.

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well today i let my mom take a look at it, and she said its because i'm allergic to it/ i dunno what i should do if i should keep using or not, other parts of my face feel so smooth

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I've been using this product for about 2 years now. It's great and still works. I didn't notice a difference till the 3rd month mark when my skin started to heal and the acne slowly went away.

If your experiencing the breakout its only natural since your skin is purging. You have used all those chemicalized products for a long time and now when your skin is changing to a different routine/regimen it will take time and patience for it to heal.

If your really persistent in getting rid of those tiny bumps you can try using a clay mask more specifically Queen Helene Juliep Mint Masque. The guy who sells Carley's tho strongly reccomends you stick with Carley's and don't use any other products!!!

My Regimen is in my sig. You can also try using Fruit of the Earth's Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer and to heal your face that works amazingly well

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