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Break outs out of nowhere! :(

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Hey guys, I'm on summer break from college right now and I've been breaking out like crazy.

On the other hand, during college I found an almost perfect regimen for myself which consisted of:

neutrogena ots (used on the spot, i used to use dan's bp, but then i didn't need it anymore)

dove bar soap with aloe vera and cucumber(i think it was this one, it was the green dove soap)

and aveeno daily moisturizer

very simple, i've never been clearer in my whole life, and i've tried a lot of other stuff too, this was the one that finally got me from mild breakouts to a almost completely clear complexion.

now the bad part:

I noticed towards the last week of school, i started breaking out around the upper lip, chin/lower lip area, I assumed that it was just because I've been going out very late(last times of the dorm, gota live it up) but then I after I got home for summer break( this was a move from Riverside, California (desert like weather) to the SF bay area, california) I continued to break out and i'm still breaing out right now. All of the break outs are pretty much on my upper and lower lip, with random pimples elsewhere.

I had NO clue why I was breaking out up until today, so i've decided to come back to acne.org after like 2 years and seek some advice.

I remembered that the last week or so of college, I ran out of my green aloe dove, so i used my friend's cleanser, some aveeno product. This was also around the time i started breaking out.

And now that i'm home, i'm using dove again, but it is a different type of dove: the sensitive skin one, instead of the aloe one.

My biggest lead to why i'm breaking out is that i'm not using the aloe vera green dove, but do you guys really think that it makes that much of a difference? i'm going out to buy a green dove right now, thoughts are appreciated, sorry for the long post, these breakouts are really frustrating after being clear from acne for a good few months :confused:

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