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Levulan+ Blue light and 1319 Laser Combination

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I have hornomal acne that gets really bad during my period...like 5-10 breakouts around jaw and chin. On regular days, I have like 1-2 breakouts a week that takes forever to heal so I basically have breakouts almost everyday of my life.

My acne is stubborn.. though my skin is overall smooth with some bumps, I have lots of redness and acne scars. My skin is generally oily but all this prescription made it dry and itchy. Oh, and my pores are HUGE and they are stuffed with black and whiteheads! Alot of my damage looks superficial and can be covered with concealer. If I want a flawless look, I will put on my Laura Mercier mineral powder and I will be fine. But I really hate putting on makeup...

I've used proactiv, topical antibiotic like clyndamycin, topical retinoids like differin, the new differin, tazorac, and retin-A, oral antibiotic like Dorax. Dorax cleared my back and tazorac 'flatten' most of my active pimples. I'm still using the new differin, tazorac, and benzyclin (pardon my spelling).

So this doctor I went to for my Levulan treatment is actually a medical doctor. She started her own aesthetics practice and I've read great reviews about her practice. Hence I decided to consult her.

She suggested 2 levulan with blue light treatment and 2 1319 laser treatment on alternating Friday for 1 full month. There will be microdermabrasion before the levulan also. She said the whole treatment will help with controling my oily skin, shrink big pores, eliminate redness and smoothen out acne scars. She emphasized that my condition is mild to moderate and can have a high success rate with this treatment. She suggested 30 mins of levulan and at most 10 mins of the light.

I am asian with fair yellow tone skin. Though I do not scar/tan easily, she still suggested that I start using 5% hydroquinone before the treatment to reduce potential darkening of my skin. She also says I should stop by prescriptions about 4 days before treatment and can continue when I heal better. She warned me about peeling, redness, swelling, 3-4 days downtime and I'm prepared for them.

So all in all, I do think my doctor knows what she is doing. The total cost is $1200.

I want to know if anyone had such a treatment plan before and if it worked better than just levulan+blue light or levulan+IPL? She said the laser will help to boost collagen growth.

Also, what should I prepare for myself post treatment? What's good to calm the dryness/redness and what should I watch out for? I've been reading alot of the posts here so I have an idea...but I plan to:

1. Not peel the dried skin

2. Not expose to sun (plan to stay at home 2-3 days straight)

3. Wear sunscreen even at home

4. Put on my regular moisturizer (Oil of Olay Lotion)

5. Eat my multivitamins as usual

6. Drink lots water

7. Clean my face as usual with Purpose cleanser and clarisonic

What else should I watch for?

Thanks all for reading my long post!! As you can tell, I am freaking out! (but excited at the same time).

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