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The past three days have seen the return of my long lost friends of old; severely inflamed zits, that swell, hurt and come to a big greasy head. Haven't been like this for about eight months, because I took oral antibiotics for a while, and they killed off everything it seemed. Went off them some three months ago, and now it's, yeah, back to square one it seems.

Right now I have about six or so on my face, and I see more of them forming in other places. Granted, the pain goes away when they surface, but the actual zit seems to take forever to go away completely. I have a dermatologist appointment on the 11th of July, but she is going to suggest accutane since she basically told me last time, that apart from the pills, accutane was the only possible solution. I don't feel like going bald, trashing my liver or having chronic joint pains any time soon, so I'm saving that one for a last option.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just really down about this set back, since I was more or less clear for a long time.

I guess I need to build a routine. I've just been cleansing with some Nivea product for a while that didn't seem to do anything (good or bad), and then moisturizing with whatever cream I had, and lately that's been yet another Nivea product.

I was thinking of just continuing with my current cleanser, and then fitting in an exfoliator and a disinfectant like Snow suggests in the sticky post. So does anyone know any good product lines that I can buy in Europe? More specifically Denmark?

Since my skin seems to be so prone to inflammation, could it be a question of pH value? If so, how do I correct this? With a toner? I'm not at home, and the water here feels different, possibly harder, so maybe that's why the bacteria is rejoicing?

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