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Can clay masks break you out?

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Like the title says...Can clay masks break you out ever? My acne isn't too bad anymore but I wouldn't mind a deep cleanse maybe once or twice a month but I don't want it to cause any new breakouts.

I was thinking of getting this:


Any general input, suggestions or anything about clay masks would be appreciated.

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I have used some don't think they made me break out. I recently bought Queen Helens mint julipe mask, has some for of clay and other stuff, really like it and it gets good reviews. Is moderatly priced too.

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Do they help toning at all? I'm mostly dealing with red/brown spots, I have very mild acne, just a few whiteheads and red spots under the skin but I mostly have leftover marks that have been lingering for a while now.

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ohhh..I just bought that Aztec healing mask a few months ago from the vitamin shop. I mix it with Apple cider vinegar instead of water. I actually leave it on overnight (sexay :ninja: lol)several nights a week to curb my annoyingly oily skin. This mask gets super tight and feels like its suctioning your face right off.. ..lol.

Yes, your face will feel and look toned. No new breakouts for me, with this mask..its not bad.

I like the Aztec clay, but not as much as Mudd Spa treatment clay Masque, which was discontinued by Chattem...I would kill to find a tube of that again, it was amazing.

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I like Boots "Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask." It's only about 8 or 9 dollars. I like it because it only has 6 ingredients:

Natural oceanic clay, Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Butylene glycol, Arctium lappa (Burdock Root Extract), Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate

You leave it on for about 10min and it rinses off well. Also it's this cool green color when you first put it on. :)

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