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Well... after battling acne for 8 years.. I've had my ups and downs. I've been on a steady program going on 3 years now. But thats not the end of it.. to keep myself relatively acne free... I must follow these steps......everyone is different, but this is what works for me.

1. Avoid Subway, bananas, peanut butter, milk, cheese, any kind of cereal, uncle bens rice, chef boyardee raviolis, any kind of vitamin enhanced liquid, hot pockets, whey protein shakes, tysons chicken, at all costs. Avoid that shit.

2. Drink water, eat tuna. Drink root beer and pepsi atleast once a week.

3. This is the most important one. It sounds funny. I am honestly not trying to be gross or funny. But this is seriously what works for me.. this may sound graphic... but I have to ejaculate atleast twice a day. From jerking off of course. I go to bed around 4am/5ish, and wake up around 1/1:30ish because I don't usually work until 6PM. I blow one load around anywhere from 3pm- 7:10pm.. and the next load anytime after 3AM but before 5AM. It seems that whenever I do this twice a day... even if I eat some of the above foods mentioned.. my skin still says half decent looking.

Here is my problem.. people... please tell me if I'm wrong for this. I honestly dont know. Anyways... I'm 22.. and I've had acne for 8 friggin years. Which means that I've never really had the guts to talk to a girl in person. I have.. I've got shot down a few times.. and I've walked away with her phone number a few times. But I've developed a thing for meeting girls on the internet.. girls from out of state... they come here and stay at a hotel.....

My parents hear the word "a girl is coming from from out of state to stay in a hotel" and all of a sudden their stupid nonsense ass, sterotypical, judgemental, fake ass Christian wanna-be one way of thinking comes into play. All of a sudden, the girl coming from out of state is a desperate prosititute with diseases that is psycho and wants to steal my money. Even though my parents weren't the ones that spent 3 hours a day, every day for the last few months on the phone with the girl.

They think "you are just gonna have sex and catch diseases." Wrong. I'm not gonna have sex with her. We both already agreed to it. Besides.. I actually like to wait. Just because a girl is coming from out of state dont mean shes garbage. Excuse me if I don't fall in love with a girl that I lived across the street from all my life. If you meet someone on the internet, if you like them alot, if you have the money and car, and can get the time off from work (the weekend which most people get anyway).. then why not go see that person if your willing to travel. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I'm not even gonna spend the night over there. The way I see it is this.... "she comes up to here to live for the weekend.. the hotel is like her house for two days." It's called getting to know other people.

Me and her are gonna do things as if she was living here.. go on dates, spend time with each other, go to a six-flags like amusement park, or just spend time at the hotel watching movies and doing other stuff like cuddling up and kissing and what-not. Sex isn't everything.

With that said, do you people think I should spend the majority of this weekend over at the hotel with her? I'd just told my parents that I met a girl here. And I already did stuff this week like leaving the house 2 hours early before work to say I'm going to spend time with my lady-friend before work, to lead up to me staying over there at the hotel most of the day Friday and Saturday. Last time a girl was here from a hotel, and I spent the whole day with her, they caught on. And I swear that i never had sex with that one. They just dont want to believe me.

*Here is a little insight on the ridiculous shit my parents say and their dumb ideas... this will fill you in so you can tell me whether I'm right or I'm wrong.

They gave me everything throughout life, love, care, I wasn't a rich kid.. but I always had alot of stuff. But I'm 22 now... this is the summer and I'm in the prime of my life.. it's time for me to live.. they fuss if I stay out past 1am. "Nothing good comes out after midnight"...... only teeny boppers and old people are out before midnight. Fuck that. The only time they get out is to go shopping or go to work. They never been on an actual date for as long as I've known them. No wonder they are so out of touch with today.. they never get the fuck out of the house.

They go to church.... it says "Catholics and Christians aren't suppose to judge others". But who do they pick out of everybody in the world to judge. Me, Their own son. Then again, they criticize almost everybody. My some-what racist friend of a year can accept the fact that I only have a taste for black women... but yet my parents of 22 years cant accept it. My happiness doesn't matter. All that matters is that the winners of life that go to the beer store dont laugh at my dad because his son is a "n-word lover". Whatever happened to the theory of "find a girl that treats you right and makes you feel good"... not the theory of "date someone that society approves of".... or "date a white girl that lives in state".

I'm only supposed to see my 'girlfriend' every 2 or 3 days. NEWSFLASH: we are 22 and 21, not 11 and 12. Grown people don't live liek that.. atleast not in todays generation they dont.

They have problems.......big problems. I'm in the process of moving out. But as for this weekend... what should I do? Should I spend the majority of time with my girlfriend at the hotel? Or should I come home and only spend a few hours a day there and treat it like its a date so I don't 'worry my parents' even though they have bullshit theories that are all 100% wrong and are unwilling to listen to any of mine. What should I do?

The only punishment I'd get (I think).. is just them being real bitchy and nasty to me. They cant 'ground me.'

By the way.. this girl is my dream girl, literally. It doesn't take 8 years to figure something like that out. I have better chemistry with her on the phone than I ever have with any other girl. I'm serious. She has the ideal height, weight, face, body, mind, everything. This is the woman that I've been telling my friends I've been looking for since like forever. Should I go with my dream and spend all the time with her this week? Or should I let some fake ass lob-sided theories ruin it?

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ok man, i read all of your long post, and lemme school you on a few things..

Some will be good some will be bad.

1st off, your regimen is bullshit. Diet has no effect on acne, i had the worst diet before i ever had acne and never ha da pimple. Im now over acne, and i once again not only eat more junk food, but i now drink sometimes pretty often, and still no pimples.. Jerking off has no affect on acne. Call me weird or different, but i never ever jerked off until i was 16 1/2 yrs old, and by then i already had developd bad persistent acne before i ever j'd it once. and J'ing it never made my acne better or worse. So you dnt have to "J" it twice a day to stay clear.

Your insecure and weak. Dont take this as a put down, because Im in the same boat myself.

If you wanna go to the hotel and spend the whole weekend wit this girl, do it. you dont need to question morals or characters.. Have sex too with her if you want. Whats the big deal? not telling you to do it, but if you wanna, goright ahead nothing wrong with it.

Stop J'ing it twice a day man. I noticed that for me that makes me weaker as a person. I dont really J it much anymore. for me i feel J'ing makes me feel insecure and lack of confident. Im more confident and can feel more aggressive when abstaining from that. To me, it feels like my hormones get out of whack and my testosterone gets lower and i feel my insecure and weaker after that, i mean the day after or the day of. so i cut that out.

You know what the best forum of natural male enhancement is? Not doing that. not to get too graphic, but when you abstain from that, your better in the longrun. trust me, try doing that twice the day before sex, and you wont be as alive there. im bigger and better there when cut that out, and in a significant enough way.

Its not easy to quit that, but hey i found a way.

My advce to you. If you feel its true love, go for it, do what your heart tells you to do. Dont worry about what other people say, you should always listen to and respect your parents, but your 22, your a big boy now you can do what you want.

Stop wanking it twice a day, thats whats making you so insecure and weak.

And eat whatever you want, belief that that affects your acne is rediculous. Im living proof of that.. I was even a vegetarian at one point, and i was still breaking out badly when i had acne.

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