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Going to Accutane after Tazorac and other retanoids.

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Rather than post my entire story, I'll just say that I've been on retanoids and anti-biotics since I was 15. Before you ask, I've gone through just about everything mentioned on this board--Differin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro (twice), Tazorac (twice), and plenty (probably 6) anti-biotics. I'm now 19, and while my acne is controlled with Tazorac, I still have at least 5-10 spots on my face and 5-10 spots on my chest at any given time. I had never guessed, when I was 12, that I'd still have acne when I was 19. My patience has run out and I want to take more drastic measures.

I know that now, with my current skin as the way it looks, my derm would probably not perscribe Accutane. But honestly, I'm sick of using topicals every night, and my mom agrees with me that this whole "dermatology" thing has dragged on for far too long--I expected to be clear within a year. I know that once I got off of Tazorac, my face would probably go ballistic again. But as I said, right now, my face actually looks pretty good, minus the redness, excess oil, and scattered acne. I'm hoping he'll see that if I want to be clear, not just "controlled", especially since I don't want to deal with this a year, even two, maybe five years from now.

So, if I bring a list of all the stuff I've used, and tell him I'm sick of acne, do you think he will prescribe Accutane? I'm ok with the side effects, I've read up on them. I just refuse to be on topicals any longer, 4 years is ridiculous in my opinion and I am ready to be done with acne. Any advice would be great.

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I know my derm would understand, but then again thats why I chose him as my derm. If your derm doesn't listen to you then you should find another one. If you fully understand all the risks that come along with accutane and your bloodwork is fine then theres no reason for him to refuse. I was on accutane twice and then my acne slowly started coming back so they started giving me topical retinoids, namely Ziana and Retin-a Micro. After giving the retin-a about 3 months things were still not better, so at my derm appointment he started telling me about "do this in the morning and apply this at night blah blah blah". I knew I wasn't heading down the topical road cuz it never really worked for me that well so I just said "hey listen, can't we do low dose accutane and see how that works?" We talked about it for a few minutes and then the nurse brought out the forms for me to sign my life away and I left with a prescription for 10mg of accutane. Believe me, walk in there and don't accept no as an answer. Accutane has the ability to give you perfect skin and I really can't encourage acne sufferers enough to try it. Good luck!

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Well, I had my appointment yesterday. After quite a bit of talking, he decided to perscribe it. Luckily insurance picked it up too. I'm pretty happy! I'm excited to lose the acne but I'm more excited that I won't have to deal with ridiculously oily skin all the time like I get when I use Tazorac.

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