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"PDT" CLEARED My Cystic Acne!

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Hi all,

I recently saw some substantial discussion about this procedure on this forum. So I decided to share my experience with you guys, especially those of you who consider having this procedure done.

A little bit about myself.. I've suffered from a very resistant cystic acne for nearly ten years (I'm 20 now). I would say between moderate and severe for cystic acne. Before doing PDT, I tried pretty much everything except accutane which I did not dare to try because of its well known side effects. I've tried all kinds of over the counter products including Proactive, all kinds of soaps and cosmetics designed to get rid of acne, antibiotic pills combined with dermatologist prescribed creams like BP, Tazorac, etc, Acupuncture needle, Herb drinks, laser, and even the infamous three day apple fast (worst thing I tried btw.. enema gave me BAD constipation). The thing is none of the above worked.

So I decided to visit a well known dermatologist in Irvine to try PDT (this was nearly a year ago actually). I received my first treatment on my first visit. Here's how the procedure was performed on me. First, I get either microderm or extraction (this is like having my pimples and cysts safely squeezed by an aesthetician). And then they apply some liquid called ALA on my face. I wait for like an hour so that the ALA is fully absorbed in my skin. Next, I get V-beam laser (I think other derms normally don't perform V-beam as a part of PDT). After I'm done with V-beam, I finally get Clearlight for about 10 minutes.

I went through this procedure three times, about three weeks apart between each treatment. As you can tell from the title of this thread, I was TOTALLY CLEARED of acne after a few weeks from the last treatment. I was amazed that something actually worked at last. And my before/after picture is even on the dermatologist's website!

There's a catch here though. After many months, my acne sort of came back. I should say it's still better than what it used to be before. My skin is less oily, and breakouts are more occasional and "milder." I guess if I was rich enough, I can probably get like one PDT every 4 months or something for maintainance but I obviosuly can't afford that in the long run lol. So this was my experience with PDT treatment.

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