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Using Dermaroller

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Hey guys I just bought a 2.0 mm dermaroller and im probably going to begin using it tonight *hoping for good results*. After I use it, what do I do? How do I sterilize it for the next use? Is rubbing alcohol ok?

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Yes, soak it in alcohol for a few minutes.

BTW, do you have a numbing cream for that?

If you really want to use it correctly, you will need to use numbing cream 'cause it's going to hurt.

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well im not really sure if i did it right or not. i put cortizone first (anti itch cream) and then some bactine, and after did the dermaroller. i bled ina few areas... didnt hurt though...

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The cortisone is totally pointless and actually not a good idea atall. If you did the dermaroller properly you would feel plenty of pain, even with a decent topical anesthetic like EMLA under occlusion.

Don't take this as being agressive or aimed to be an insult (because it isn't), but people have no idea how to use a dermaroller unless they have had it done professionally before. You totally under estimate the amount of pressure you need to apply, it is also very hard to inflict that sort of pain for a long period of time.

Edit: remember they give people a GENERAL anesthetic when using the 3mm dermaroller over large areas.

For people doing this properly, the best way to do it is using EMLA under occlusion. Before this you can gently roll your 1.5-2mm roller over the skin to aid penetration of the EMLA, it makes it work far better. You could also use a home dermaroller (0.15mm) to make the EMLA penetrate properly instead of your 1.5-2mm roller.

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