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African American + Extremely Oily Skin

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Hello all, I need help you all.

At the age of 18, I began to have mild/moderate papules arise on my face, as well as extreme oiliness. Now at 20, I have already been through two courses of Retin A and Tazorac, both working very well to get rid of the acne. I havent used Tazorac in two weeks because it was discoloring my dark skin, causing hyperpigmentation. My skin complexion has gotten better, however, the oiliness is still present.

I dont know what to do. I read that Accutane works well for those with mild acne/oily skin because it matures the oil glands. However, I am African American, dark skinned, so I dont know how that would work.

I have also been strongly considering a RAW VEGAN diet, something to just slow the sebum production.

I mean, I wake up, wash my face with Gentle Cetaphil cleanser (My skin is somewhat sensitive), massage in some Aveeno SPF 15 (the one for sensitive skin), sometimes ill tone my skin with witch hazel, usually I augment this into my regimen during the evenings. As soon as I step out, my skin takes on an oily sheen, and by the end of the day, it is ridiculously shiny. I blot it at times, and an hour or two later, the oil returns full force.

I am at such a loss. Should I look into Accutane? Raw veganism? Anyone please!

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I have really oily skin also.... What I do is in the morning I put on so much BP that my face dries up so much and starts to burn. I then ride my motorcycle to work and let the wind blow on my face and cool it down. I then get to work and wash my face with water, and my oily skin doesn't come back until about 7 in the evening, but sometimes it does and I usually will take a paper towel and some cold water and wipe and dry. Seems to work. Then when I get home I wash my face and apply more BP and fall asleep.


I know this isn't probably possible for you, I'm not sure if you work or have a motorbike lol, I was just explaining what helped control my oily skin.

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WOW! Kind of extreme. I do work, but no, I dont have a motorbike. LOL. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Im really trying to get to the point where all I need is a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. This oily skin though, it is quite annoying!!

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I know this might sound crazy, and I totally hate the company but try ProActiv if you haven't already.

If you have it or get it, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE DIRECTIONS. Seriously, if you do it their way, you won't get any results.

Instead of putting a dot or dab, I put it on generously.

Generously= I got a months supply and it's gone in 2 weeks. But IT WORKS.

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