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Need a concealer... im a guy

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Im a 17 male thats very picky over my looks and when I get just 1 pimple it really brings me down because I think everyone is looking at and is and judging me (which there not its all in my head.)

I always refused to use mackup but I was thinking last night, what the hell nobody well every know.

I need some help with a concealer maybe just for pimples and for men. I tried clearisil tinted but it accually makes a pimple bigger, I have to use something with BPO in it not sulfer.

I have no idea about makeup or where to start and im gonna feel pretty weird buying a girls brand makeup at a drug store so could someone try and give me a mens one? You can still post chicks stuff, ill just tell my mom to get it...

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Physicians Formula has a lot of concealers. Green reduces redness, so my tip is to try something that has green AND a color that will match your skin (a concealer duo).

There's nothing wrong with wanting to try a concealer, so don't worry. :)

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i think clinique have a concealer for men, called m cover or something like that, i say go for one of the tried and tested girl ones though as you're more likely to be able to read reviews and see if its going to break you out

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I don't think you need to worry about a brand. The most important thing is finding the right color to match your skin. If the color is off, people will be able to tell. I would recommend a kit with different colors of concealer so you can try different shades out and find something that works for you. Also, you can blend two colors to get a better shade. And most can be bought online. a few ideas...






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I would suggest not wearing any, unless you want to look like this:


He looks great! Exept that his complexion looks a bit unnatural..

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Im not looking for a full makeover thing here

Im just looking to cover my stupid pimples up, no eyelines or blusher or lipstick...

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hmmm you might try some mineral concealers or even foundations. It might be your best bet if you want it to look natural. Just buffing on some foundation on the spot would help reduce redness. I never had much luck with makeup looking natural til I started using everyday minerals.

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