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Less acne, more boils! Need advice!

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Here is my current regimen, which I've been following for about 2 1/2 weeks... I will begin taking accutane in early/mid July, granted my blood work comes out ok...

Purpose Cleanser- morning/night

NeoBenz 5.5%- morning/night

Clindamycin Phosphate 1% topical liquid- morning/night

Solodyn 90mg- once daily (I take it at night)

I have already noticed a major improvement in the more "minor" acne around my mouth. I've also noticed a major improvement in the acne that took over my entire hairline... it's pretty much gone. I'm not sure if I should be using the topicals in my hair, but that's where the acne was, and it doesn't seem to have damaged or bleached my hair, so I figure it's not really an issue. The topicals only seem to have improved the small acne that you can easily pop and heals quickly.

HOWEVER, I sometimes get what I consider "boils"... they're always in the EXACT same places, and they come back every 1-3 months. It's always been that way, even before I had "real acne". I usually never had more than 1-2 on my face at any given time... but right now it's like over half the locations I get them at are actively infected. They're not super red or noticable because I haven't messed with them, but they hurt and I can feel a distinct lump under my skin at each location.

Can this be expected with the use of antibiotics? I'd think that the antibiotics would have helped with the boils. Will starting next month accutane help these?

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