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questions about accutane

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So I realize there are hundreds of posts about these sort of things, but it would help a LOT if this post got some replies.

Few questions and a brief description


So I'm a 15 year old female, and I've been on Sotret(generic Accutane) for about 2 and a half weeks now. Thus far I've lost 8 pounds and my appetite, I have really dry/cracked lips, and I'm moody(but hey I'm 15 so I'm not blaming the tane for that one). I've been reading posts and I'm starting to wonder if my dosage is really high for me. I'm taking 30mg twice a day. My acne isn't really severe, it's just i was allergic to Doryx and none of the topical medications were working. i was 126lbs. and 5'6 when i started taking. I go to my derm. in about a week and a half for the usual blood tests and such. So i was wondering if she'll take me off it because of the appetite/weight loss.? And I also run track for my high school, so I was wondering if i do get joint pain side effect, would it have already showed up by now, or when i start training for the season will it be really painful....?

Any comments/ advice....?

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i'm not sure if tane can be tied to weight loss but i read in one of the logs how some woman lost like 10lbs.

lips use: dr dans or aquaphor

your dosage is just about correct, im 5'7 130lbs and im on 60mgs since month 2

some people get joint pain, others don't. some people suggest taking fish oil which is good for you anyway. i had mild joint pain in my hands early on in the first 2 months but it went away when the weather got better (or maybe i stopped worrying about the side effects?)

here is how to calculate what your dosage should be, copied from the f&q:

1) Go weigh yourself, as painful as it may be.

2) You need to convert your weight to kilograms (kg). This conversion is simple - multiply your weight in pounds (lb), by 0.4536. Here is a link if you do not have a calculator, or just are plain lazy: http://www.thehaws.org/convert.shtml

3) The general accepted rule is that you should be taking 1mg of accutane for every kilogram you weight. So if you weigh 80kg, you should be taking 80mg of accutane each day.

4) If you want to figure out your LONG term intake value, you need to take how many months you are supposed to be on accutane, and multiply it by 30. So, for instance, if you are supposed to be on accutane for 5 months, multiply 5 x 30 and get 150.

5) Multiply your weight in kg by your final number in step #4, and you will get the maximum number of mg's you should take in your entire accutane career. To get your minimum, simply subtract 1 month from step #4, and re-multiply. You should end up between your minimum and maximum intake value.

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