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If you want your face to clear up you must do a few things ...

1. Stop eating greasy food ( frech fries, burgers, pizza )

2. Eradicate all junk food ( candy, chips, sodas )

3. Exercise with resistance bands ( get a set with 20, 30 and 40 lbs )

4. Don't use oily soaps ( dove, irish spring )

5. Always pat dry your face or infected area ( don't rub )

6. Avoid poping cause it will cause scars and allow acne to spread

7. Start juicing! Fresh raspberry kills acne bacteria from the inside out.

8. Clense your body internally with ocean spray cranberry juice

If you drink enough it will cause you to take make more frequent bathroom breaks. It also promotes weight loss.

9. Mix beets, apples, cucumbers and asparagus with a juicer. This also clenses your bladder and when you take a leak you will leak red which is normal.

This is simply a sign that the juice is clensing your body. Keep drinking it every day until your leak turns back to clear white.

This builds strength and also promotes weight loss.

10. Change your bed frequently, especially your pillow case.

11. Get some sun! Sun does not cause cancer. Cancer is caused by the chemicals in various products. ( SP5 Lotion )

A new study was release not too long ago linking icyhot pain products to cancer also! It's always the chemicals in the products or the pollutants in the air that cause health issues.

12. Avoid coffee! Coffee is good for people whom have asthma because it opens up the body's ability to breath better.

Caffeine contains many chemicals that even scientest are not aware of yet. If you have anxiety attacks cut down on caffeine also.

13. Buy everything low fat and sugar free!

14. Eat plenty of fiber! TOTAL Cereal with low fat milk is the the way to go.

15. Take vitamines ( EG. Centrum Multivitamine )

16. Kill stress by lifting weights - people now use kettlebells

17. Pay attention to acne break outs - what did you eat ? or what did you touch or came in contact with that caused you to break out ?

You may have an allergic reaction to certain types of cloth and or soap used to wash your cloth.

18. Sleep in a well ventilated area. ( As dust free as possible )

19. Use small concentration of benzol peroxide to avoid dry skin and constant redness and peeling. 5 %

You want you skin to peel but gradually.

20. Get laid! lol :-) ( 18+ Only )


I see many people whom write reviews and are angry that their acne gets worse when they start using some acne products.

Acne always gets worse before it get's better. Some people get it worse then others but this is just a sign that the product is working.

However, if you get really bad and you notice no improvements after 2 months then you are doing something wrong.

Check the list above ...

You also want to make sure you don't have allergies to any of the ingredients of the products you opt to use.

You can simply test your skin with a few dabs of the products you wish to use before committing to it.


Use this knowledge to help yourself and others.

I just turned 30 and have been dealing with acne since I was a teen. I tried everything under the sun including Acutane but the one thing that helped me was a complete lifestyle change.

Besides all the things I have listed above, you must want to change!

This is my shopping list as far as fighting acne

- Clearasil 5 % benzoyl peroxide - Put on before going to sleep

- TOTAL Cereal ( Loaded with Multivitamines! )

- Low Fat Lactose Free Milk

- Low Fat Yogurt ( 70 - 80 calories )

- All types of fruits

- All types of vegetables

- Lean skinless chicken steaks

- Poland Spring Water

- For Mouth Wash I use 1 table spoon of Hydrogen peroxide mixed with luke warm water ( This kills bad breath instantly and acne causing agents in the mouth - Don't drink it! )

If you have back acne keep your shirt off at home to allow your skin to breath fresh air. Keeping your shirt on all day will make things worse.

If you are a girl put on a see through gown which allows air to flow freely.


Cucumbers, Raspberry and Lime are the ultimate natural internal acne fighters!

External medicine only helps kill bacterial on the surface of the skin. You are fighting the symptom not the cause! You must fight the cause to stop the symptoms.

You do this with proper eating and exercise. These are you best friends --> Cucumbers, Raspberry and Lime to fight acne at the source.

This does not mean you can continue to eat junk food!

Lime kills bacterial

Raspberry nurishes the cells and fights off acne

Cucumbers makes your skin radiant - gives a natural glow!

You must also speed up your metabolism by running on a treadmill, doing light exercise or some activity to get your heart rate up! This will help clense your blood by eating and drinking the proper foods before and after working out.

I hope this information will help all of you! :-)

Take care

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i concur about the diet and exercise. It cleared my skin too. But it's not actually about avoiding greasy and junk foods like the examples you list. It's about avoiding all processed foods full of sugar, white flour, bad fats which is what is in most commercial prepared foods and drinks, not just what we commonly think of as 'junk.' Meanwhile increase real food that contains these things called nutrients.

And foods don't exactly need to be low fat, they need to contain good fats, like the EFAs. And it's far more important to avoid sugar than fat. We were never meant to eat the vast amounts of sugar we have been eating and drinking.

Sleep also is important. And digestion. Chew your food well and figure out and avoid things you can't digest properly. And avoid any thing you have a food intolerance/allergy to. And don't pig out. Binging, even on healthy food, is bad.

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I stated a general list of what can be done to help. I didn't really get into the details about which foods to eat or not. It all comes down to diet, exercise and fresh air.

I noticed in your post you have something about eating fish. Fish causes acne to get worse because it contains iodine. Iodine is not good for people whom suffer with moderate to severe acne.

Just general info but I'm sure some will find it helpful.

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My plan for clearing acne is very simple but also hard:

Avoid all junk food, meats, dairy and fish.

Eat fruits and vegetables. (avoid the ones that are too acidic or contain too much natural sugar such as pears and grapes)

Eat only small amounts of bread - too much might cause a flare up.

Only drink water, I've found that any other drink might cause breakouts.

I'll able to eliminate my acne 99% whenever I have the discipline to follow this regimen. This plan can be very challenging for anyone who has a sweet tooth or just enjoys eating food, but if you can do it then you will most likely see great results.

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I noticed in your post you have something about eating fish. Fish causes acne to get worse because it contains iodine. Iodine is not good for people whom suffer with moderate to severe acne.

High amountsof iodine may aggravate acne, but fish is the last thing you should avoid because of it. There are far worse sources that have no value whatsoever.

And I had severe acne and since I don't eat much processed foods and don't add much salt to my food, I actually supplement iodine. It's an essential nutrient, especially for thyroid function which can effect acne. And many foods hamper your body's ability to take in iodine, like spinach and broccoli.

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